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1IntroductionDownloadPDF unavailable
2Combustion processes in ICE and Gas turbine enginesDownloadPDF unavailable
3Combustion in solid and liquid rocket motorsDownloadPDF unavailable
4EquilibriumDownloadPDF unavailable
5Chemical kinetics, Equilibrium vs rate controlledDownloadPDF unavailable
6Demonstration of NASA-CEADownloadPDF unavailable
7Premixed and diffusion flames: principal features and differences - Part IDownloadPDF unavailable
8Premixed and diffusion flames: principal features and differences - Part IIDownloadPDF unavailable
9Quenching, flammability and other limit phenomenaDownloadPDF unavailable
10Conservation equationsDownloadPDF unavailable
11Integral Analysis of flameDownloadPDF unavailable
12Solid propellant combustionDownloadPDF unavailable
13Erosive burningDownloadPDF unavailable
14Instability in solid rocketsDownloadPDF unavailable
15Analysis of p-t traces - Part IIDownloadPDF unavailable
16Statistical representation of composite propellants in HeQu1D – geometry and thermochemistryDownloadPDF unavailable
17HeQu1D model - Parameter estimationDownloadPDF unavailable