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1Module 1 Introduction 1 PDF unavailable
2Module 1 Introduction 2PDF unavailable
3Module 2 Governing Equation 1PDF unavailable
4Module 2 - Governing Equation 2PDF unavailable
5Module 3 - Plane Wave 1PDF unavailable
6Module 3 - Plane Wave 2PDF unavailable
7Module 4 - Reflection Of Plane Waves 1PDF unavailable
8Module 4 - Reflection Of Plane Waves 2PDF unavailable
9Module 5 - Frequence Analsis 1PDF unavailable
10Module 5 - Frequence Analysis 2PDF unavailable
11Module 6 - Harmonic Plane WavesPDF unavailable
12Module 7 - Travelling And Standing WavesPDF unavailable
13Module 8 - Acoustic Mode Shapes, ReflectionPDF unavailable
14Module 9 - Plane Waves : Reflection and IntermissionPDF unavailable
15Module 10 - Flexural Waves, evanescent WavesPDF unavailable
16Module 11 - Near Field Acoustic WavesPDF unavailable
17Module 12 cuton Waves in ductPDF unavailable
18Module 13 Power CalculationPDF unavailable
19Module 14 Decibel ScalePDF unavailable
20Module 15 Db ArithmeticPDF unavailable
21Module 16 Sound Power LevelPDF unavailable
22Module 17 Human factors in Acoustic EngineeringPDF unavailable
23Module 18 MicrophonePDF unavailable
24Module 19 Acoustic MeasurementsPDF unavailable
25Module 20 Muffler AnalysisPDF unavailable
26Module 21 Transfer Matrix MethodPDF unavailable
27Module 22 Electro Mechanical Analogies - Part 1PDF unavailable
28Module 23 Electro Mechanical Analogies Simple ExamplePDF unavailable
29Module 24 Electro Mechanical Analogies ExamplePDF unavailable
30Module 25 Helmholtz ResonatorPDF unavailable
31Module 26 Source ImpedancePDF unavailable
32Module 27 Insertion LossPDF unavailable
33Module 28 Analysis Of Industrial MufflersPDF unavailable
34Module 29 Spherical WavesPDF unavailable
35Module 30 Monopole and DipolePDF unavailable
36Module 31 Inhomogeneous Wave EquationPDF unavailable
37Module 32 Green's FunctionPDF unavailable
38Module 33 Kirchoff Helmholtz Integral EquationPDF unavailable
39Tutorial 1PDF unavailable
40Tutorial 2PDF unavailable
41Tutorial 3PDF unavailable
42Tutorial 4PDF unavailable

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