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New Assignments
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1Introduction to Stress Analysis – Analytical and Numerical ApproachesDownloadPDF unavailable
2Introduction to Stress Analysis: Experimental ApproachesDownloadPDF unavailable
3Optical Methods Work as Optical ComputersDownloadPDF unavailable
4Basic information provided by various experimental methodsDownloadPDF unavailable
5Visual appreciation of field information: Part-1DownloadPDF unavailable
6Visual Appreciation of Field Information - Part-2DownloadPDF unavailable
7Visual Appreciation of Field Information - Part-3DownloadPDF unavailable
8Visual Appreciation of Field Information - Part - 4DownloadPDF unavailable
9Visual Appreciation of Field Information - Part - 5DownloadPDF unavailable
10Completeness of a Numerical SolutionDownloadPDF unavailable
11Principle of Strain GaugesDownloadPDF unavailable
12Overview of Strain Gauge MeasurementsDownloadPDF unavailable
13Elegance of PhotoelasticityDownloadPDF unavailable
14Introduction to PhotoelasticityDownloadPDF unavailable
15Different PolariscopesDownloadPDF unavailable
16Principles of MoiréDownloadPDF unavailable
17Introduction to MoiréDownloadPDF unavailable
18Introduction to Brittle CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Introduction to HolographyDownloadPDF unavailable
20Introduction to Hologram InterferometryDownloadPDF unavailable
21Introduction to Double exposure hologram interferometryDownloadPDF unavailable
22Introduction to Speckle MethodsDownloadPDF unavailable
23Introduction to Speckle Interferometry TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
24Introduction to TSA and DICDownloadPDF unavailable
25Introduction to CausticsDownloadPDF unavailable
26Introduction to Coherent Gradient SensorDownloadPDF unavailable
27Naming of Experimental MethodsDownloadPDF unavailable
28Fringe Patterns - Richness of Qualitative InformationDownloadPDF unavailable
29Key technologies that have influenced Experimental MechanicsDownloadPDF unavailable
30Multiscale analysis and trends in experimental mechanicsDownloadPDF unavailable
31Selection of an experimental technique- Part IDownloadPDF unavailable
32Selection of an experimental technique- Part 2DownloadPDF unavailable