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Introduction to Explosions and SafetyReference and Assignment 1References and Assignments for lectures 1-1297 kb
Introduction to Explosions and SafetyReference and Assignment 2References and Assignments for lectures 13-1928 kb
Introduction to Explosions and SafetyReference and Assignment 3References and Assignments for lectures 20-2727 kb
Introduction to Explosions and SafetyReference and Assignment 4References and Assignments for lectures 28-32112 kb
Introduction to Explosions and SafetyReference and Assignment 5References and Assignments for lectures 33-4049 kb

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1Loud Bang and DisruptionPDF unavailable
2Blast Wave in an Explosion: Predictions from Dimensional ConsiderationsPDF unavailable
3Typical Examples of Explosions and ClassificationPDF unavailable
4Shock Hugoniot and Rayleigh LinePDF unavailable
5Properties behind a Constant Velocity ShockPDF unavailable
6Blast waves:Concentration of Mass at the Front,Snow Plow Approximation,Energy conservation ina Blast wavePDF unavailable
7Blast waves: Decay of a strong Blast wave,Explosion Length, Sach's Scaling,Over pressure,Cranz Hopkinson Scaling law of OverpressurePDF unavailable
8Blast Waves: Overpressure and Impulse in the Near and Far Field, Examples,Introduction to ImpulsePDF unavailable
9Blast Waves: Non-dimensional Impulse, Cranz -Hopkinson Scaling, Missiles, Fragments and Shrapnel, Craters, ExamplesPDF unavailable
10Blast Waves: Interaction with Objects, Reflection and Transmission of Blast Waves, ImpedancePDF unavailable
11Blast Waves: Amplification of Reflected Blast Waves; Role of Impedance, Spalling, Damage to Organs containing Air, Mushroom Cloud in an Explosion, ExamplesPDF unavailable
12Blast Waves: Damage from Blast Waves, Examples, Multiple Spikes in an Impulse, Iso-damage Curve on an Overpressure- Impulse Diagram, Complex StructuresPDF unavailable
13Energy Release in a Chemical Reaction: Moles, Internal Chemical Energy, Standard Heats of FormationPDF unavailable
14Energy Release: Stoichiometry, Equivalence Ratio and Heat Release in Fuel Rich and Oxidizer Rich CompoundsPDF unavailable
15Energy Release: Examples of Energy Release Calculations, Higher and Lower Calorific Values, Internal Energy of FormationPDF unavailable
16Rate of Energy Release: Concentration, Activation Energy, Energy Release ProfilePDF unavailable
17Thermal Theory of ExplosionPDF unavailable
18Thermal Theory PDF unavailable
19Role of Chain Carriers in an Explosion: PDF unavailable
20Combustion -I:PDF unavailable
21Combustion - II PDF unavailable
22Case Histories of Explosions involving Volatile LiquidsPDF unavailable
23DetonationPDF unavailable
24Structure of DetonationsPDF unavailable
25Realizable States in a Detonation: PDF unavailable
26One Dimensional Model of DetonationPDF unavailable
27Case Histories of Explosions involving Detonation or Quasi-DetonationPDF unavailable
28Explosions in Confined and Unconfined GeometriesPDF unavailable
29Dust Explosions: IPDF unavailable
30Dust Explosions: IIPDF unavailable
31Physical ExplosionsPDF unavailable
32Rupture of Cryogenic Storage Vessels and Pressure VesselsPDF unavailable
33Condensed Phased Explosives Based on HydrocarbonsPDF unavailable
34Condensed Phase Explosives and their PropertiesPDF unavailable
35TNT Equivalence and Yield of an ExplosionPDF unavailable
36Atmospheric DispersionPDF unavailable
37Modeling Atmospheric DispersionPDF unavailable
38Explosions Involving Atmospheric DispersionPDF unavailable
39Quantification of Damages in an ExplosionPDF unavailable
40Risk Analysis for an ExplosionPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available