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Overview of Experimental Stress AnalysisExperimental Stress Analysis - Course organisation and Lecturewise contentsExperimental Stress Analysis - Course organisation and lecturewise contents66 kb
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Discussion SessionList of Questions Discussed in ESA-Lecture 41List of Questions Discussed in ESA-Lecture 4146 kb

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1Overview of Experimental Stress AnalysisPDF unavailable
2Optical Methods Work as Optical ComputersPDF unavailable
3Stress, Strain and Displacement FieldsPDF unavailable
4Physical Principle of Strain Gauges, Photoelasticity and MoiréPDF unavailable
5Introduction to Moiré, Brittle Coatings and HolographyPDF unavailable
6Hologram Interferometry, Speckle MethodsPDF unavailable
7Introduction to Shearography, TSA, DIC and CausticsPDF unavailable
8Fringe Patterns – Richness of Qualitative InformationPDF unavailable
9Multi-Scale Analysis in Experimental MechanicsPDF unavailable
10Selection of an Experimental TechniquePDF unavailable
11Introduction to Transmission PhotoelasticityPDF unavailable
12Ordinary and Extraordinary RaysPDF unavailable
13Light Ellipse, Passage of Light Through a Crystal PlatePDF unavailable
14Retardation Plates, Stress-optic LawPDF unavailable
15Plane PolariscopePDF unavailable
16Jones CalculusPDF unavailable
17Circular PolariscopePDF unavailable
18Determination of Photoelastic Parameters at an Arbitrary PointPDF unavailable
19Tardy’s Method of CompensationPDF unavailable
20Calibration of Photo elastic MaterialsPDF unavailable
21Fringe Thinning MethodologiesPDF unavailable
22Fringe Ordering in PhotoelasticityPDF unavailable
23Miscellaneous Topics in Transmission PhotoelasticityPDF unavailable
24Three Dimensional PhotoelasticityPDF unavailable
25Overview of Digital PhotoelasticityPDF unavailable
26Introduction to Photoelastic CoatingsPDF unavailable
27Correction Factors for Photoelastic CoatingsPDF unavailable
28Coating Materials, Selection of Coating Thickness, Industrial Application of Photoelastic CoatingsPDF unavailable
29Calibration of Photoelastic Coatings, Introduction to Brittle CoatingsPDF unavailable
30Analysis of Brittle CoatingsPDF unavailable
31Introduction to Strain GaugesPDF unavailable
32Strain Sensitivity of a Strain Gauge, Bridge Sensitivity, RosettesPDF unavailable
33Strain Gauge Alloys, Carriers and AdhesivesPDF unavailable
34Performance of Strain Gauge SystemPDF unavailable
35Temperature Compensation, Two-wire and Three-wire CircuitsPDF unavailable
36Strain Gauge SelectionPDF unavailable
37Bonding of a Strain GaugePDF unavailable
38Soldering, Accounting for Transverse Sensitivity EffectsPDF unavailable
39Correction Factors for Special Applications PDF unavailable
40Special GaugesPDF unavailable
41Questions and AnswersPDF unavailable

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2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available