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Classification of Metal Removal Processes and Machine toolsIntroduction to Manufacturing and MachiningPDF0.146 kb
Classification of Metal Removal Processes and Machine toolsBasic working principle, configuration, specification and classification of machine toolsPDF0.735 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Geometry of single point cutting toolsPDF0.527 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Conversion of tool angles from one system to anotherPDF0.521 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Mechanism of chip formation LessonPDF0.628 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Orthogonal and oblique cuttingPDF0.385 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Use of chip breaker in machiningPDF0.951 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Machining forces and Merchant?s Circle Diagram (MCD)PDF0.609 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Analytical and Experimental determination of cutting forcesPDF1.437 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Dynamometers for measuring cutting forcesPDF0.785 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Cutting temperature ? causes, effects, assessment and controlPDF0.543 kb
Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)Control of cutting temperature and cutting fluid applicationPDF0.191 kb
MachinabilityConcept of Machinability and its ImprovementPDF0.188 kb
MachinabilityFailure of cutting tools and tool lifePDF0.291 kb
MachinabilityCutting Tool Materials of common usePDF0.31 kb
MachinabilityAdvanced Cutting Tool MaterialsPDF0.223 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsKinematic systems and operations of lathesPDF0.157 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsKinematic system and operations of drilling machinesPDF0.895 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsKinematic system and operations of milling machinesPDF2.165 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsConstruction, working principle and applications of shaping, planing and slotting machinesPDF1.269 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsMethods of mounting of jobs and cutting tools in machine toolsPDF3.029 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsUse of various Attachments in Machine ToolsPDF1.217 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsConstruction, Operation and Tool layout in Semiautomatic and Automatic lathesPDF1.007 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsForces developing and acting in machine toolsPDF0.335 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsEstimation of machining timePDF0.255 kb
General Purpose Machine ToolsBroaching ? Principles, Systems and ApplicationsPDF1.168 kb
Abrasive Processes (Grinding)Basic principle, purpose and application of grindingPDF0.664 kb
Abrasive Processes (Grinding)Selection of wheels and their conditioningPDF0.431 kb
Abrasive Processes (Grinding)Classification of grinding machines and their usesPDF0.585 kb
Superfinishing processesSuperfinishing processes, Honing, Lapping and SuperfinishingPDF1.006 kb
Screw threads and Gear Manufacturing MethodsProduction of screw threads by Machining, Rolling and GrindingPDF0.637 kb
Screw threads and Gear Manufacturing MethodsManufacturing of GearsPDF1.965 kb
Jigs and Fixtures for Machine shopsPurposes of jigs and fixtures and their Design principlesPDF2.046 kb
Jigs and Fixtures for Machine shopsDesign and Application of typical jigs and fixturesPDF0.523 kb
Non-conventional machiningIntroduction and Abrasive Jet MachiningPDF0.369 kb
Non-conventional machiningUltrasonic Machining (USM)PDF0.387 kb
Non-conventional machiningWater Jet and Abrasive Water Jet MachiningPDF0.926 kb
Non-conventional machiningElectro Chemical MachiningPDF0.374 kb
Non-conventional machiningElectro Discharge MachiningPDF0.423 kb
Non-conventional machiningElectron Beam and Laser Beam MachiningPDF0.683 kb
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