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1Lecture-1:Recap – IPDF unavailable
2Lecture-2:Recap – IIPDF unavailable
3Lecture-3:Recap – IIIPDF unavailable
4Lecture-4:Determination of Phase Diagram (Experimentally) – IPDF unavailable
5Lecture-5:Determination of Phase Diagram (Experimentally) – IIPDF unavailable
6Lecture-6:Determination of Phase Diagram (Thermodynamically)PDF unavailable
7Lecture 7:Effect of pressure on phase transformation temperature and concept of equilibrium between condensed and vapor phasePDF unavailable
8Lecture -8 : Effect of different parameters on heat treatment and concept of saturation vapor pressure with examplesPDF unavailable
9Lecture -9 Title: Formation of ideal solid or liquid solution and (G-X) diagrams for ideal solutions (Part-I).PDF unavailable
10Lecture-10: G-X diagrams (Part- II) and concept of chemical potential (Micro Sign) from G-X diagrams.PDF unavailable
11Lecture-11:Concept of common tangent for equilibrium between two phasesPDF unavailable
12Lecture-12:Expressions for equilibrium of two phases – IPDF unavailable
13Lecture-13:Expressions for equilibrium of two phases – IIPDF unavailable
14Lecture-14:Expressions for equilibrium of two phases – IIIPDF unavailable
15Lecture-15:Determining nucleation of phases using G-X plotPDF unavailable
16lecture-16: ΔG for nucleation and overall transformation, concepts of solid state transformation including precipitation and Quasi-Chemical Model (QCM)PDF unavailable
17lecture 17: Introduction to real solutions and expression of ΔHmix based on the Quasi-Chemical Model (QCM)PDF unavailable
18lecture-18: Expression for ΔHmix as a function of interaction energy and mole fraction, based on the QCM (Part-I)PDF unavailable
19lecture: 19 Expression for ΔHmix as a function of interaction energy and mole fraction, based on the QCM (part-II)PDF unavailable
20lecture-20: Graphical representation of ΔGmix, ΔHmix, and -TΔSmix for real solutions and evolution of eutectic phase diagram from the G-X plotsPDF unavailable
21Lecture 21: Effect of ΔHmix on determination of phase diagrams (same crystal structure)PDF unavailable
22Lecture 22: Effect of ΔHmix on determination of phase diagrams contd..PDF unavailable
23Lecture 23: Importance of phase diagramsPDF unavailable
24Lecture 24: Effect of heat treatment on microstructure evolution in steel -IPDF unavailable
25Lecture 25: Effect of heat treatment on microstructure evolution in steel -IIPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26:Recap of homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation for solid to solid transformation.PDF unavailable
27Lecture-27:Nucleation rate and its dependence on T (temp. of interest), ΔT, ΔG v and ΔG* and, introduction to growth kinetics.PDF unavailable
28Lecture-28:Growth kinetics cont…PDF unavailable
29Lecture-29:Growth rate variation with undercooling and kinetics of overall phase transformation.PDF unavailable
30Lecture-30:Implication of Avrami’s equation with example on excel spreadsheet.PDF unavailable
31Lecture-31:Experimental verification of Avrami Equation.PDF unavailable
32Lecture – 32:Linear regression (least squares) method to find the value of n and k in Avrami equation.PDF unavailable
33Lecture – 33:In this lecture, method to determine the goodness of fit has been explained. Procedure to estimate the values of n and k from experimental data have also been discussed.PDF unavailable
34Lecture-34:Stereology and quantitative metallography – IPDF unavailable
35Lecture-35:Stereology and quantitative metallography – IIPDF unavailable
36Lecture-36:Grain size measurements methods.PDF unavailable
37Lecture-37:Statistical tools for analysis and reporting of obtained data with examples.PDF unavailable
38Lecture-38:Evolution of TTT and CCT diagram from f vs. t plots.PDF unavailable
39Lecture-39:TTT, CCT continue and hardenability of steelPDF unavailable
40Lecture-40:Importance of heat treatment practices in real life (with examples).PDF unavailable

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