Modules / Lectures
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Week-1:Recap of phase-I and determination of phase diagram (Experimentally)Week 1:Assignment question & solutionWeek 1:Assignment question & solution348 kb
Week-2:Determination of phase diagram (thermodynamically), G-X plots, and concept of saturation vapoWeek 2:Assignment question & solutionWeek 2:Assignment question & solution477 kb
Week-3:Concept of common tangent in G-X plot and determination of phase diagram thermodynamicallyWeek 3:Assignment question & solutionWeek 3:Assignment question & solution420 kb
Week-4: Quasi-Chemical Model (QCM), its assumptions, concepts and expressions of ΔHmix for real solWeek 4:Assignment question & solutionWeek 4:Assignment question & solution475 kb
Week-5:Effect of ΔHmix on phase diagrams and effect of heat treatment on microstructure evolutionWeek 5:Assignment question & solutionWeek 5:Assignment question & solution271 kb
WEEK-6: Concepts and expression for nucleation and growth kinetics, variation of growth rate with unWeek 6:Assignment question & solutionWeek 6:Assignment question & solution460 kb
Week-7:Verification of Avrami equation using experimental data and stereologyWeek 7:Assignment question & solutionWeek 7:Assignment question & solution485 kb
WEEK-8: Grain size measurement, statistical tool for analysing the data, evolution of TTT and CCT diWeek 8:Assignment question & solutionWeek 8:Assignment question & solution664 kb