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1Lesson 1: Course OverviewPDF unavailable
2Lesson 2: IntroductionPDF unavailable
3Lesson 3: Nature Of Sound PDF unavailable
4Lecture 4: The Decibel scalePDF unavailable
5Lesson 5: Key Terms In Acoustics PDF unavailable
6Lesson 6: Adding DecibelsPDF unavailable
7Lesson 1: Important Mathematical Concepts-Complex Algebra PDF unavailable
8Lesson 2: Important Mathematical Concepts-Complex Time Signals PDF unavailable
9Lesson 3: Important Mathematical Concepts-Transfer FunctionPDF unavailable
10Lesson 4: Important Mathematical Concepts-Pole Zero Plot PDF unavailable
11Lesson 5: Important Mathematical Concepts - Bode Plot For Simple PolePDF unavailable
12Lesson 6: Important Mathematical Concepts - Bode Plot For Simple Zero PDF unavailable
13Lesson 1: Bode Plots (Magnitude) for Complex Transfer FunctionsPDF unavailable
14Lesson 2: Momentum Equation for 1-D Sound Propagation PDF unavailable
15Lesson 3: Continuity Equation for 1-D Sound Propagation PDF unavailable
16Lesson 4: Gas Law for 1-D Sound PropagationPDF unavailable
17Lesson 5: 1-D Wave EquationPDF unavailable
18Lesson 6: Solution for 1-D Wave Equation PDF unavailable
19Lesson 1: WaveguidePDF unavailable
20Lesson 2: Transmission Line Equations -Part I PDF unavailable
21Lesson 3: Transmission Line Equations - Part IIPDF unavailable
22Lesson 4: Transmission Line Equations - Part III PDF unavailable
23Lesson 5: Transmission Line Equations - Part IVPDF unavailable
24Lesson 6: Transmission Line Equations - Part VPDF unavailable
25Lesson 1: Instantaneous PowerPDF unavailable
26Lesson 2: Instantaneous Power in a L-R Circuit PDF unavailable
27Lesson 3: Power Factor, and Acoustic PowerPDF unavailable
28Lesson 4: Power Flow into an Infinitely Long Tube PDF unavailable
29Lesson 5: Point Sources of SoundPDF unavailable
30Lesson 6: Relations for Outward Travelling Spherical Acoustic WavePDF unavailable
31Lesson 1: Specific Acoustic Impedance for a Closed TubePDF unavailable
32Lesson 2: Specific Acoustic Impedance for an Open Tube and an Infinitely Long TubePDF unavailable
33Lesson 3: Specific Acoustic Impedance for a Tube with Imperfect Termination PDF unavailable
34Lesson 4: Kundt’s Tube PDF unavailable
35Lesson 5: Volume VelocityPDF unavailable
36Lesson 6: Comparison of Impedances for a Radially Propagating Wave and a Planar WavePDF unavailable
37Lesson 1: Interference of sound sources- part IPDF unavailable
38Lesson 2: Interference of sound sources- part II PDF unavailable
39Lesson 3: Interference of sound sources- part IIIPDF unavailable
40Lesson 4: Interference of sound sources- part IV PDF unavailable
41Lesson 5: DirectivityPDF unavailable
42Lesson 6: Complex power, pressure and velocity for a spherical sourcePDF unavailable
43Lesson 1: Noise reduction - Mass Attenuation MethodPDF unavailable
44Lesson 2: Noise Reduction - Pressure RatioPDF unavailable
45Lesson 3: Noise Reduction - Velocity of WallPDF unavailable
46Lesson 4: 3 Media Problem - IntroductionPDF unavailable
47Lesson 5: 3 Media Problem - Apply Boundary ConditionsPDF unavailable
48Lesson 6: 3 Media Problem - Special casesPDF unavailable
49Lesson 1:MufflersPDF unavailable
50Lesson 2:Designing of Reactive MufflersPDF unavailable
51Lesson 3:Designing of Dissipative MufflersPDF unavailable
52Lesson 4:Time and Frequency Domain Representation of a SignalPDF unavailable
53Lesson 5:Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
54Lesson 6:Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
55Lesson 1:Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
56Lesson 2:Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
57Lesson 3:Fourier Transform PDF unavailable
58Lesson 4:Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)PDF unavailable
59Lesson 5:Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)PDF unavailable
60Lesson 6:Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) PDF unavailable
61Lesson 1: Measuring Sound SignalsPDF unavailable
62Lesson 2:MicrophonesPDF unavailable
63Lesson 3:MicrophonesPDF unavailable
64Lesson 4:WeightingPDF unavailable
65Lesson 5: LoudnessPDF unavailable
66Lesson 6:LoudnessPDF unavailable
67Lesson 1: Octave Band Analysis - Part IPDF unavailable
68Lesson 2: Octave Band Analysis – Part IIPDF unavailable
69Lesson 3: Octave Band Analysis – Part IIIPDF unavailable
70Lesson 4: Reverberation Time PDF unavailable
71Lesson 5: Calculation of Reverberation Time and Sound Transmission Class (STC)PDF unavailable
72Lesson 6: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available