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1Introduction to Finite Element Analysis(FEA)PDF unavailable
2Introduction of FEA, Nodes, Elements & Shape FunctionsPDF unavailable
3Nodes, Elements & Shape FunctionsPDF unavailable
4Polynomials as Shape Functions, Weighted Residuals, Elements & Assembly Level EquationsPDF unavailable
5Types of Errors in FEA, Overall FEA Process & ConvergencePDF unavailable
6Strengths of FE Method, Continuity conditions at InterfacesPDF unavailable
7Key concepts and terminologies PDF unavailable
8 Weighted integral statements PDF unavailable
9Integration by parts -ReviewPDF unavailable
10Gradient and Divergence Theorems-Part IPDF unavailable
11Gradient and Divergence Theorems Part-IIPDF unavailable
12 FunctionalsPDF unavailable
13Variational OperatorPDF unavailable
14Weighted Integral & Weak FormulationPDF unavailable
15Weak FormulationPDF unavailable
16Weak Formulation & Weighted Integral : Principle of minimum potential energyPDF unavailable
17Variational Methods : Rayleigh Ritz MethodPDF unavailable
18Rayleigh Ritz MethodPDF unavailable
19Method of Weighted ResidualsPDF unavailable
20Different types of Weighted Residual Methods - Part I PDF unavailable
21Different types of Weighted Residual Methods - Part IIPDF unavailable
22FEA formulation for 2nd order BVP - Part I PDF unavailable
23FEA formulation for 2nd order BVP - Part IIPDF unavailable
24Element Level EquationsPDF unavailable
252nd Order Boundary Value ProblemPDF unavailable
26Assembly of element equationsPDF unavailable
27Assembly of element equations, and implementation of boundary conditions PDF unavailable
28Assembly process and the connectivity matrixPDF unavailable
29Radially Symmetric ProblemsPDF unavailable
30One dimensional heat transferPDF unavailable
311D-Heat conduction with convective effects : examplesPDF unavailable
32Euler-Bernoulli beamPDF unavailable
33Interpolation functions for Euler-Bernoulli beamPDF unavailable
34Finite element equations for Euler-Bernoulli beamPDF unavailable
35Assembly equations for Euler-Bernoulli beam PDF unavailable
36Boundary conditions for Euler-Bernoulli beamPDF unavailable
37Shear deformable beamsPDF unavailable
38Finite element formulation for shear deformable beams : Part - IPDF unavailable
39Finite element formulation for shear deformable beams : Part - IIPDF unavailable
40 Equal interpolation but reduced integration elementPDF unavailable
41Eigenvalue problemsPDF unavailable
42Eigenvalue problems : examplesPDF unavailable
43 Introduction to time dependent problemsPDF unavailable
44Spatial approximationPDF unavailable
45 Temporal approximation for parabolic problems : Part-IPDF unavailable
46Temporal approximation for parabolic problems : Part-IIPDF unavailable
47 Temporal approximation for hyperbolic problemsPDF unavailable
48Explicit and implicit method, diagonalization of mass matrix, closurePDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available