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Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture1.pdfPDF for Lecture 1148 kb
Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture2.pdfPDF for Lecture 2135 kb
Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture3.pdfPDF for Lecture 3217 kb
Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture4.pdfPDF for Lecture 448 kb
Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture5.pdfPDF for Lecture 578 kb
Introduction to Experimental TechniquesLecture6.pdfPDF for Lecture 6231 kb
Review of Probes and TransducersLecture7.pdfPDF for Lecture 7291 kb
Review of Probes and TransducersLecture8.pdfPDF for Lecture 8190 kb
Review of Probes and TransducersLecture9.pdfPDF for Lecture 9149 kb
Review of Probes and TransducersLecture10.pdfPDF for Lecture 10353 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture11.pdfPDF for Lecture 11227 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture12.pdfPDF for Lecture 12511 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture13.pdfPDF for Lecture 13242 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture14.pdfPDF for Lecture 14940 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture15.pdfPDF for Lecture 15131 kb
Velocity MeasurementLecture16.pdfPDF for Lecture 161833 kb
InterferometryLecture17.pdfPDF for Lecture 17376 kb
InterferometryLecture18.pdfPDF for Lecture 18506 kb
InterferometryLecture19.pdfPDF for Lecture 19707 kb
InterferometryLecture20.pdfPDF for Lecture 20307 kb
InterferometryLecture21.pdfPDF for Lecture 21680 kb
InterferometryLecture22.pdfPDF for Lecture 221147 kb
InterferometryLecture23.pdfPDF for Lecture 23152 kb
InterferometryLecture24.pdfPDF for Lecture 24296 kb
InterferometryLecture25.pdfPDF for Lecture 25414 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture26.pdfPDF for Lecture 26314 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture27.pdfPDF for Lecture 2793 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture28.pdfPDF for Lecture 28199 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture29.pdfPDF for Lecture 29110 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture30.pdfPDF for Lecture 30488 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture31.pdfPDF for Lecture 31580 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture32.pdfPDF for Lecture 32453 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture33.pdfPDF for Lecture 3372 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphLecture34.pdfPDF for Lecture 34306 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyLecture35.pdfPDF for Lecture 3552 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyLecture36.pdfPDF for Lecture 3698 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyLecture37.pdfPDF for Lecture 37174 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyLecture38.pdfPDF for Lecture 3842 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyLecture39.pdfPDF for Lecture 39185 kb
Scattering TechniquesLecture40.pdfPDF for Lecture 4089 kb
Scattering TechniquesLecture41.pdfPDF for Lecture 41213 kb
Scattering TechniquesLecture42.pdfPDF for Lecture 42162 kb
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Introduction to Experimental TechniquesReferences 1References for Module 124 kb
Review of Probes and TransducersReferences 2References for Module 224 kb
Velocity MeasurementReferences 3References for Module 344 kb
Velocity MeasurementSupplementary Reading 1Supplementary 12755 kb
Velocity MeasurementSupplementary Reading 2Supplementary 22007 kb
InterferometryReferences 4References for Module 442 kb
InterferometryInterferogramInterferogram for Module2048 kb
InterferometrySupplementary Reading 1Supplementary 11516 kb
InterferometrySupplementary Reading 2Supplementary 23901 kb
InterferometrySupplementary Reading 3Supplementary 3257 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphReferences 5References for Module 534 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphSupplementary Reading 1Supplementary 110650 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphSupplementary Reading 2Supplementary 26164 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphSupplementary Reading 3Supplementary 3881 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphSupplementary Reading 4Supplementary 41516 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphVideosSchileren Video PPT1546 kb
Schlieren and ShadowgraphAdditional VideosAdditional Videos and PPT157700 kb
Liquid Crystal ThermographyReferences 6References for Module 630 kb
Scattering TechniquesReferences 7References for Module 724 kb
SummarySummary PresentationSummary Presentation of course19866 kb
SummaryComparisonComparison PDF245 kb