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Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionMCQ of Module 1Module 1 : Introduction4 kb
FrictionMCQ of Module 2Module 2 : Friction12 kb
WearMCQ of Module 3Module 3 : Wear12 kb
Lubrication and LubricantsMCQ of Module 4Module 4 : Lubrication and Lubricants12 kb
Fluid Film LubricationMCQ of Module 5Module 5 : Fluid Film Lubrication8 kb
Application of TribologyMCQ of Module 6Module 6 : Application of Tribology20 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionFAQ of Module 1Module 1 : Introduction108 kb
FrictionFAQ of Module 2Module 2 : Friction176 kb
WearFAQ of Module 3Module 3 : Wear92 kb
Lubrication and LubricantsFAQ of Module 4Module 4 : Lubrication and Lubricants80 kb
Fluid Film LubricationFAQ of Module 5Module 5 : Fluid Film Lubrication108 kb
Application of TribologyFAQ of Module 6Module 6 : Application of Tribology188 kb

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1Introduction PDF unavailable
2Interdisciplinary Approach and Economic BenefitsPDF unavailable
3FrictionPDF unavailable
4Friction EstimationPDF unavailable
5Friction InstabilityPDF unavailable
6WearPDF unavailable
7Adhesive WearPDF unavailable
8Wear MechanismsPDF unavailable
9Wear Mechanisms 2PDF unavailable
10Wear AnalysisPDF unavailable
11Lubrication and LubricantsPDF unavailable
12Boundary LubricationPDF unavailable
13Lubrication MechanismsPDF unavailable
14Hydrodynamic LubricationPDF unavailable
15Lubricant ClassificationsPDF unavailable
16Solid and Semi Solid LubricantsPDF unavailable
17Liquid LubricantsPDF unavailable
18Lubricant AdditivesPDF unavailable
19Fluid Film LubricationPDF unavailable
20Reynolds EquationPDF unavailable
21Solution of Reynolds EquationPDF unavailable
22Hybrid Solution Approach(to solve Reynolds Equation)PDF unavailable
23Finite Difference Method to Solve Reynolds EquationPDF unavailable
24Viscosity VariationPDF unavailable
25Estimating Elastic DeformationPDF unavailable
26Thermo Hydrodynamic LubricationPDF unavailable
27Application of TribologyPDF unavailable
28Rolling Element BearingsPDF unavailable
29Rolling Element Bearings(contd)PDF unavailable
30Rolling Element Bearings(contd)...PDF unavailable
31Selection of Rolling Element BearingsPDF unavailable
32Friction of Rolling Element Bearing PDF unavailable
33Bearing Clearance PDF unavailable
34Bearing LubricationPDF unavailable
35Tribology of GearsPDF unavailable
36Friction and Lubrication of GearsPDF unavailable
37Friction and Lubrication of Gears(contd)PDF unavailable
38Surface Fatigue of Spur GearsPDF unavailable
39Journal BearingsPDF unavailable
40Hydrostatic BearingsPDF unavailable
41Hydrodynamic Journal BearingsPDF unavailable
42Design of Hydrodynamic Journal BearingsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
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