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1Introduction to OR ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
2More OR ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
3Graphical Method for LPPDownloadPDF unavailable
4Convex setsDownloadPDF unavailable
5Simplex MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
6Big M MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
7Two PhaseDownloadPDF unavailable
8Multiple solutions of LPPDownloadPDF unavailable
9Unbounded solution of LPPDownloadPDF unavailable
10Infeasible solution of LPPDownloadPDF unavailable
11Revised Simplex MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
12Case studies and Exercises - IDownloadPDF unavailable
13Case studies and Exercises - IIDownloadPDF unavailable
14Case studies and Exercises - IIIDownloadPDF unavailable
15Primal Dual ConstructionDownloadPDF unavailable
16Weak Duality TheoremDownloadPDF unavailable
17More Duality TheoremsDownloadPDF unavailable
18Primal-Dual relationship of solutionsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Dual Simplex MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
20Sensitivity Analysis-IDownloadPDF unavailable
21Sensitivity Analysis-II DownloadPDF unavailable
22Case studies and Exercises-IDownloadPDF unavailable
23Case studies and Exercises-IIDownloadPDF unavailable
24Integer ProgrammingDownloadPDF unavailable
25Goal ProgrammingDownloadPDF unavailable
26Multi-Objective ProgrammingDownloadPDF unavailable
27Dynamic ProgrammingDownloadPDF unavailable
28Transportation ProblemDownloadPDF unavailable
29Assignment ProblemDownloadPDF unavailable
30Case studies and Exercises.DownloadPDF unavailable
31Processing n Jobs on Two MachinesDownloadPDF unavailable
32Processing n Jobs through Three MachinesDownloadPDF unavailable
33Processing two jobs through m machinesDownloadPDF unavailable
34Processing n jobs through m machinesDownloadPDF unavailable
35Case studies and Exercises..DownloadPDF unavailable
36Two Person Zero-Sum GameDownloadPDF unavailable
37Theorems of Game TheoryDownloadPDF unavailable
38Solution of Mixed Strategy GamesDownloadPDF unavailable
39Linear Programming method for solving gamesDownloadPDF unavailable
40Case studies and Exercises...DownloadPDF unavailable