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Week1Lecture 1Lecture Notes2983 kb
Week1Lecture 2Lecture Notes6994 kb
Week1Lecture 3Lecture Notes2731 kb
Week1Lecture 4Lecture Notes2937 kb
Week1Lecture 5Lecture Notes2711 kb
Week2Lecture 6Lecture Notes3060 kb
Week2Lecture 7Lecture Notes2690 kb
Week2Lecture 8Lecture Notes2090 kb
Week2Lecture 9Lecture Notes2268 kb
Week2Lecture 10Lecture Notes2695 kb
Week3Lecture 11Lecture Notes3399 kb
Week3Lecture 12Lecture Notes3340 kb
Week3Lecture 13Lecture Notes4177 kb
Week3Lecture 14Lecture Notes2579 kb
Week3Lecture 15Lecture Notes456 kb
Week4Lecture 16Lecture Notes456 kb
Week4Lecture 17Lecture Notes439 kb
Week4Lecture 18Lecture Notes439 kb
Week4Lecture 19Lecture Notes399 kb
Week4Lecture 20Lecture Notes399 kb
Week5Lecture 21Lecture Notes230 kb
Week5Lecture 22Lecture Notes449 kb
Week5Lecture 23Lecture Notes449 kb
Week5Lecture 24Lecture Notes534 kb
Week5Lecture 25Lecture Notes534 kb
Week6Lecture 26Lecture Notes394 kb
Week6Lecture 27Lecture Notes394 kb
Week6Lecture 28Lecture Notes395 kb
Week6Lecture 29Lecture Notes395 kb
Week6Lecture 30Lecture Notes424 kb
Week7Lecture 31Lecture Notes424 kb
Week7Lecture 32Lecture Notes395 kb
Week7Lecture 33Lecture Notes395 kb
Week7Lecture 34Lecture Notes390 kb
Week7Lecture 35Lecture Notes390 kb
Week8Lecture 36Lecture Notes485 kb
Week8Lecture 37Lecture Notes485 kb
Week8Lecture 38Lecture Notes388 kb
Week8Lecture 39Lecture Notes388 kb
Week8Lecture 40Lecture Notes270 kb
Week9Lecture 41Lecture Notes254 kb
Week9Lecture 42Lecture Notes474 kb
Week9Lecture 43Lecture Notes474 kb
Week9Lecture 44Lecture Notes407 kb
Week9Lecture 45Lecture Notes407 kb
Week10Lecture 46Lecture Notes370 kb
Week10Lecture 47Lecture Notes370 kb
Week10Lecture 48Lecture Notes184 kb
Week10Lecture 49Lecture Notes409 kb
Week10Lecture 50Lecture Notes409 kb
Week11Lecture 51Lecture Notes415 kb
Week11Lecture 52Lecture Notes415 kb
Week11Lecture 53Lecture Notes430 kb
Week11Lecture 54Lecture Notes430 kb
Week11Lecture 55Lecture Notes352 kb
Week12Lecture 56Lecture Notes352 kb
Week12Lecture 57Lecture Notes359 kb
Week12Lecture 58Lecture Notes359 kb
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Week1Assignment 1Assignment 1126 kb
Week1sol-week-1sol-week-1449 kb
Week2Assignment 2Assignment 2106 kb
Week2sol-week-2sol-week-2317 kb
Week3Assignment 3Assignment 3119 kb
Week3sol-week-3sol-week-3263 kb
Week4Assignment 4Assignment 4107 kb
Week4sol-week-4sol-week-4110 kb
Week5Assignment 5Assignment 5190 kb
Week5sol-week-5sol-week-5137 kb
Week6Assignment 6Assignment 6107 kb
Week6sol-week-6sol-week-6121 kb
Week7Assignment 7Assignment 7109 kb
Week7sol-week-7sol-week-7113 kb
Week8Assignment 8Assignment 8206 kb
Week8sol-week-8sol-week-8123 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to Algebraic Structures - Rings and FieldsPDF unavailable
2Definition of Vector SpacesPDF unavailable
3Examples of Vector SpacesPDF unavailable
4Definition of subspacesPDF unavailable
5Examples of subspacesPDF unavailable
6Examples of subspaces (continued)PDF unavailable
7Sum of subspacesPDF unavailable
8System of linear equationsPDF unavailable
9Gauss eliminationPDF unavailable
10Generating system , linear independence and basesPDF unavailable
11Examples of a basis of a vector spacePDF unavailable
12Review of univariate polynomialsPDF unavailable
13Examples of univariate polynomials and rational functionsPDF unavailable
14More examples of a basis of vector spacesPDF unavailable
15Vector spaces with finite generating systemPDF unavailable
16Steinitzs exchange theorem and examplesDownload
17Examples of finite dimensional vector spacesDownload
18Dimension formula and its examplesDownload
19Existence of a basisDownload
20Existence of a basis (continued)Download
21Existence of a basis [continued]Download
22Introduction to Linear MapsDownload
23Examples of Linear MapsDownload
24Linear Maps and BasesDownload
25Pigeonhole principle in Linear AlgebraDownload
26Interpolation and the rank theoremDownload
28Direct sums of vector spacesDownload
30Direct sum decomposition of a vector spaceDownload
31Dimension equality and examplesPDF unavailable
32Dual spacesPDF unavailable
33Dual spaces (continued)PDF unavailable
34Quotient spacesPDF unavailable
35Homomorphism theorem of vector spacesPDF unavailable
36Isomorphism theorem of vector spacesPDF unavailable
37Matrix of a linear mapPDF unavailable
38Matrix of a linear map (continued)PDF unavailable
39Matrix of a linear map [continued]PDF unavailable
40Change of basesPDF unavailable
41Computational rules for matricesPDF unavailable
42Rank of a matrixPDF unavailable
43Computation of the rank of a matrixPDF unavailable
44Elementary matricesPDF unavailable
45Elementary operations on matricesPDF unavailable
46LR decompositionPDF unavailable
47Elementary Divisor TheoremPDF unavailable
48Permutation groupsPDF unavailable
49Canonical cycle decomposition of permutationsPDF unavailable
50Signature of a permutationPDF unavailable
51Introduction to multilinear mapsPDF unavailable
52Multilinear maps (continued)PDF unavailable
53Introduction to determinantsPDF unavailable
54Determinants (continued)PDF unavailable
55Computational rules for determinantsPDF unavailable
56Properties of determinants and adjoint of a matrixPDF unavailable
57Adjoint-determinant theoremPDF unavailable
58The determinant of a linear operatorPDF unavailable
59Determinants and VolumesPDF unavailable
60Determinants and Volumes (continued)PDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available