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1Introduction to OR ModelsDownload
2More OR ModelsDownload
3Graphical Method for LPPDownload
4Convex setsDownload
5Simplex MethodDownload
6Big M MethodDownload
7Two PhaseDownload
8Multiple solutions of LPPDownload
9Unbounded solution of LPPDownload
10Infeasible solution of LPPDownload
11Revised Simplex MethodDownload
12Case studies and Exercises - IDownload
13Case studies and Exercises - IIDownload
14Case studies and Exercises - IIIDownload
15Primal Dual ConstructionDownload
16Weak Duality TheoremDownload
17More Duality TheoremsDownload
18Primal-Dual relationship of solutionsDownload
19Dual Simplex MethodDownload
20Sensitivity Analysis-IDownload
21Sensitivity Analysis-II Download
22Case studies and Exercises-IDownload
23Case studies and Exercises-IIDownload
24Integer ProgrammingDownload
25Goal ProgrammingDownload
26Multi-Objective ProgrammingDownload
27Dynamic ProgrammingDownload
28Transportation ProblemDownload
29Assignment ProblemDownload
30Case studies and Exercises.Download
31Processing n Jobs on Two MachinesDownload
32Processing n Jobs through Three MachinesDownload
33Processing two jobs through m machinesDownload
34Processing n jobs through m machinesDownload
35Case studies and Exercises..Download
36Two Person Zero-Sum GameDownload
37Theorems of Game TheoryDownload
38Solution of Mixed Strategy GamesDownload
39Linear Programming method for solving gamesDownload
40Case studies and Exercises...Download

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1Introduction to OR ModelsPDF unavailable
2More OR ModelsPDF unavailable
3Graphical Method for LPPPDF unavailable
4Convex setsPDF unavailable
5Simplex MethodPDF unavailable
6Big M MethodPDF unavailable
7Two PhasePDF unavailable
8Multiple solutions of LPPPDF unavailable
9Unbounded solution of LPPPDF unavailable
10Infeasible solution of LPPPDF unavailable
11Revised Simplex MethodPDF unavailable
12Case studies and Exercises - IPDF unavailable
13Case studies and Exercises - IIPDF unavailable
14Case studies and Exercises - IIIPDF unavailable
15Primal Dual ConstructionPDF unavailable
16Weak Duality TheoremPDF unavailable
17More Duality TheoremsPDF unavailable
18Primal-Dual relationship of solutionsPDF unavailable
19Dual Simplex MethodPDF unavailable
20Sensitivity Analysis-IPDF unavailable
21Sensitivity Analysis-II PDF unavailable
22Case studies and Exercises-IPDF unavailable
23Case studies and Exercises-IIPDF unavailable
24Integer ProgrammingPDF unavailable
25Goal ProgrammingPDF unavailable
26Multi-Objective ProgrammingPDF unavailable
27Dynamic ProgrammingPDF unavailable
28Transportation ProblemPDF unavailable
29Assignment ProblemPDF unavailable
30Case studies and Exercises.PDF unavailable
31Processing n Jobs on Two MachinesPDF unavailable
32Processing n Jobs through Three MachinesPDF unavailable
33Processing two jobs through m machinesPDF unavailable
34Processing n jobs through m machinesPDF unavailable
35Case studies and Exercises..PDF unavailable
36Two Person Zero-Sum GamePDF unavailable
37Theorems of Game TheoryPDF unavailable
38Solution of Mixed Strategy GamesPDF unavailable
39Linear Programming method for solving gamesPDF unavailable
40Case studies and Exercises...PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available