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Unit 1Week 1 Assignment 1Week 1 Assignment 1157 kb
Unit 1Week 0 Assignment 1Week 0 Assignment 1173 kb
Unit 2Week 2 Assignment 1Week 2 Assignment 1170 kb
Unit 3Week 3 Assignment 1Week 3 Assignment 1169 kb
Unit 4Week 4 Assignment 1Week 4 Assignment 1166 kb

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1Introduction to Numerical solutionsDownloadPDF unavailable
2Numerical Solution of ODEDownloadPDF unavailable
3Numerical solution of PDEDownloadPDF unavailable
4Finite difference approximationDownloadPDF unavailable
5Polynomial fitting and one-sided approximationDownloadPDF unavailable
6Solution of parabolic equationDownloadPDF unavailable
7Implicit and C-N scheme for solving 1D parabolic equationDownloadPDF unavailable
8Stability analysis of Explicit scheme for solving parabolic equationDownloadPDF unavailable
9Stability of Crank-Nicoloson's schemeDownloadPDF unavailable
10Approximation of derivative boundary conditionsDownloadPDF unavailable
11Solution of two-dimensional parabolic equationDownloadPDF unavailable
12 Solution of 2D parabolic equation using ADI scheme DownloadPDF unavailable
13Solution of Elliptic EquationDownloadPDF unavailable
14Solution of Elliptic equation using SOR methodDownloadPDF unavailable
15Solution of Elliptic equation using ADI schemeDownloadPDF unavailable
16Solution of Hyperbolic equationDownloadPDF unavailable
17Stability analysis for Hyperbolic equationsDownloadPDF unavailable
18Characteristics of PDEDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lax-Wendroff's methodDownloadPDF unavailable
20Wendroff's methodDownloadPDF unavailable