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1Definition and classification of linear integral equationsPDF unavailable
2Conversion of IVP into integral equationsPDF unavailable
3Conversion of BVP into an integral equationsPDF unavailable
4Conversion of integral equations into differential equationsPDF unavailable
5Integro-differential equationsPDF unavailable
6Fredholm integral equation with separable kernel: TheoryPDF unavailable
7Fredholm integral equation with separable kernel: ExamplesPDF unavailable
8Solution of integral equations by successive substitutionsPDF unavailable
9Solution of integral equations by successive approximationsPDF unavailable
10Solution of integral equations by successive approximations: Resolvent kernelPDF unavailable
11Fredholm integral equations with symmetric kernels: Properties of eigenvalues and eigenfunctionsPDF unavailable
12Fredholm integral equations with symmetric kernels: Hilbert Schmidt theoryPDF unavailable
13Fredholm integral equations with symmetric kernels: ExamplesPDF unavailable
14 Construction of Green function-I PDF unavailable
15Construction of Green function-IIPDF unavailable
16Green function for self adjoint linear differential equationsPDF unavailable
17Green function for non-homogeneous boundary value problemPDF unavailable
18Fredholm alternative theorem-IPDF unavailable
19Fredholm alternative theorem-IIPDF unavailable
20Fredholm method of solutionsPDF unavailable
21Classical Fredholm theory: Fredholm first theorem-IPDF unavailable
22Classical Fredholm theory: Fredholm first theorem-IIPDF unavailable
23Classical Fredholm theory: Fredholm second theorem and third theoremPDF unavailable
24Method of successive approximationsPDF unavailable
25Neumann series and resolvent kernels-IPDF unavailable
26Neumann series and resolvent kernels-IIPDF unavailable
27Equations with convolution type kernels-IPDF unavailable
28Equations with convolution type kernels-IIPDF unavailable
29Singular integral equations-IPDF unavailable
30Singular integral equations-IIPDF unavailable
31Cauchy type integral equations-IPDF unavailable
32Cauchy type integral equations-IIPDF unavailable
33Cauchy type integral equations-IIIPDF unavailable
34Cauchy type integral equations-IVPDF unavailable
35Cauchy type integral equations-VPDF unavailable
36Solution of integral equations using Fourier transformPDF unavailable
37Solution of integral equations using Hilbert transform-IPDF unavailable
38Solution of integral equations using Hilbert transform-IIPDF unavailable
39Calculus of variations: IntroductionPDF unavailable
40Calculus of variations: Basic concepts-IPDF unavailable
41Calculus of variations: Basic concepts-IIPDF unavailable
42Calculus of variations: Basic concepts and Euler equationPDF unavailable
43Euler equation: Some particular casesPDF unavailable
44Euler equation : A particular case and GeodesicsPDF unavailable
45Brachistochrone problem and Euler equation-IPDF unavailable
46Euler's equation-IIPDF unavailable
47Functions of several independent variables PDF unavailable
48Variational problems in parametric form PDF unavailable
49Variational problems of general type PDF unavailable
50Variational derivative and invariance of Euler's equation PDF unavailable
51Invariance of Euler's equation and isoperimetric problem-I PDF unavailable
52Isoperimetric problem-II PDF unavailable
53Variational problem involving a conditional extremum-I PDF unavailable
54Variational problem involving a conditional extremum-II PDF unavailable
55Variational problems with moving boundaries-IPDF unavailable
56Variational problems with moving boundaries-II PDF unavailable
57Variational problems with moving boundaries-III PDF unavailable
58Variational problems with moving boundaries; One sided variationPDF unavailable
59Variational problem with a movable boundary for a functional dependent on two functions PDF unavailable
60Hamilton's principle: Variational principle of least action PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available