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1Introduction to Fourier seriesPDF unavailable
2Fourier series - Examples PDF unavailable
3Complex Fourier series PDF unavailable
4Conditions for the Convergence of Fourier Series PDF unavailable
5Conditions for the Convergence of Fourier Series(continued)PDF unavailable
6Use of Delta function in the Fourier series convergencePDF unavailable
7More Examples on Fourier Series of a Periodic SignalPDF unavailable
8Gibb's Phenomenon in the Computation of Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
9 Properties of Fourier Transform of a Periodic SignalPDF unavailable
10Properties of Fourier transform (continued)PDF unavailable
11Parseval's Identity and Recap of Fourier seriesPDF unavailable
12Fourier integral theorem-an informal proofPDF unavailable
13Definition of Fourier transformsPDF unavailable
14Fourier transform of a Heavyside functionPDF unavailable
15Use of Fourier transforms to evaluate some integralsPDF unavailable
16Evaluation of an integral- Recall of complex function theoryPDF unavailable
17Properties of Fourier transforms of non-periodic signalsPDF unavailable
18More properties of Fourier transformsPDF unavailable
19 Fourier integral theorem - proofPDF unavailable
20Application of Fourier transform to ODE'sPDF unavailable
21Application of Fourier transforms to differential and integral equationsPDF unavailable
22Evaluation of integrals by Fourier transforms PDF unavailable
23D'Alembert's solution by Fourier transformPDF unavailable
24Solution of Heat equation by Fourier transform PDF unavailable
25Solution of Heat and Laplace equations by Fourier transformPDF unavailable
26 Introduction to Laplace transformPDF unavailable
27 Laplace transform of elementary functionsPDF unavailable
28 Properties of Laplace transformsPDF unavailable
29Properties of Laplace transforms (continued)PDF unavailable
30Methods of finding inverse Laplace transformPDF unavailable
31Heavyside expansion theoremPDF unavailable
32Review of complex function theoryPDF unavailable
33 Inverse Laplace transform by contour integrationPDF unavailable
34Application of Laplace transforms-ODEs'PDF unavailable
35Solutions of initial or boundary value problems for ODEs'PDF unavailable
36Solving first order PDE's by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
37 Solution of wave equation by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
38Solving hyperbolic equations by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
39Solving heat equation by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
40 Initial boundary value problems for heat equationsPDF unavailable
41Solution of integral equations by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
42 Evaluation of integrals by Laplace transformPDF unavailable
43 Introduction to Z-transforms PDF unavailable
44 Properties of Z-transformsPDF unavailable
45 Inverse Z-transformsPDF unavailable
46 Solution of difference equations by Z-transformsPDF unavailable
47Evaluation of infinite sums by Z-transformsPDF unavailable
48 conclusionsPDF unavailable

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2BengaliNot Available
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5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
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