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Multiple linear regression analysisLecture8Pdf Lecture 8171 kb
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Multiple linear regression analysisLecture11Pdf Lecture 11176 kb
Multiple linear regression analysisLecture12Pdf Lecture 12176 kb
Multiple linear regression analysisLecture13Pdf Lecture 13171 kb
Multiple linear regression analysisLecture14Pdf Lecture 14182 kb
Model adequacy checkingLecture15Pdf Lecture 15222 kb
Model adequacy checkingLecture16Pdf Lecture 16170 kb
Model adequacy checkingLecture17Pdf Lecture17243 kb
Model adequacy checkingLecture18Pdf Lecture 18263 kb
Model adequacy checkingLecture19Pdf Lecture 19203 kb
Correcting model inadequacies through transformation and weightingLecture20Pdf Lecture 20230 kb
Correcting model inadequacies through transformation and weightingLecture21Pdf Lecture 21202 kb
Correcting model inadequacies through transformation and weightingLecture22Pdf Lecture 22230 kb
Tests for leverage and influential pointsLecture23Pdf Lecture 23221 kb
Tests for leverage and influential pointsLecture24Pdf Lecture 24193 kb
Generalized and weighted least squares estimationLecture25Pdf Lecture 25219 kb
Indicator variablesLecture26Pdf Lecture 26187 kb
Indicator variablesLecture27Pdf Lecture 27175 kb
MulticollinearityLecture28Pdf Lecture 28182 kb
MulticollinearityLecture29Pdf Lecture 29201 kb
MulticollinearityLecture30Pdf Lecture 30183 kb
MulticollinearityLecture31Pdf Lecture 31240 kb
HetrokedasticityLecture32Pdf Lecture 32246 kb
AutocorrelationLecture33Pdf Lecture 33182 kb
AutocorrelationLecture34Pdf Lecture 34141 kb
Polynomial regression modelsLecture35Pdf Lecture 35267 kb
Polynomial regression modelsLecture36Pdf Lecture 36191 kb
Variable selection and model buildingLecture37Pdf Lecture 37209 kb
Variable selection and model buildingLecture38Pdf Lecture 38285 kb
Variable selection and model buildingLecture39Pdf Lecture 39212 kb
Logistic and Poisson regression modelsLecture40Pdf Lecture 40219 kb
Logistic and Poisson regression modelsLecture41Pdf Lecture 41199 kb
Generalized linear modelLecture42Pdf Lecture 42176 kb
Generalized linear modelLecture43Pdf Lecture 43193 kb
Simple linear regression analysisLecture2Pdf Lecture 2201 kb
Simple linear regression analysisLecture3Pdf Lecture3177 kb
Simple linear regression analysisLecture4Pdf Lecture 4189 kb
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