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Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments01Assignments01997 kb
Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments02Assignments582 kb
Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments03Assignments1700 kb
Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments04Assignments676 kb
Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments05Assignments903 kb
Linear programming and ExtensionsAssignments06Assignments508 kb

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1Lecture_01_Introduction to Linear Programming Problems.PDF unavailable
2Lecture_02_ Vector space, Linear independence and dependence, basis.PDF unavailable
3Lec_03_Moving from one basic feasible solution to another, optimality criteria.PDF unavailable
4Lecture_04_Basic feasible solutions, existence & derivation.PDF unavailable
5Lecture_5_Convex sets, dimension of a polyhedron, Faces, Example of a polytope.PDF unavailable
6Lecture_6_Direction of a polyhedron, correspondence between bfs and extreme points.PDF unavailable
7Lecture_7_Representation theorem, LPP solution is a bfs, Assignment 1.PDF unavailable
8Lecture_08_Development of the Simplex Algorithm, Unboundedness, Simplex Tableau.PDF unavailable
9Lecture_9_ Simplex Tableau & algorithm ,Cycling, Blandís anti-cycling rules, Phase I & Phase II.PDF unavailable
10Lecture_10_ Big-M method,Graphical solutions, adjacent extreme pts and adjacent bfs.PDF unavailable
11Lecture_11_Assignment 2, progress of Simplex algorithm on a polytope, bounded variable LPP.PDF unavailable
12Lecture_12_LPP Bounded variable, Revised Simplex algorithm, Duality theory, weak duality theorem.PDF unavailable
13Lecture_13_Weak duality theorem, economic interpretation of dual variables, Fundamental theorem of duality.PDF unavailable
14Lecture_14_Examples of writing the dual, complementary slackness theorem.PDF unavailable
15Lecture_15_Complementary slackness conditions, Dual Simplex algorithm, Assignment 3.PDF unavailable
16Lecture_16_Primal-dual algorithm.PDF unavailable
17Lecture_17_Problem in lecture 16, starting dual feasible solution, Shortest Path Problem.PDF unavailable
18Lecture_18_Shortest Path Problem, Primal-dual method, example.PDF unavailable
19Lecture_19_Shortest Path Problem-complexity, interpretation of dual variables, post-optimality analysis-changes in the cost vector.PDF unavailable
20Lecture_20_ Assignment 4, postoptimality analysis, changes in b, adding a new constraint, changes in {aij} , Parametric analysis.PDF unavailable
21Lecture_21_Parametric LPP-Right hand side vector.PDF unavailable
22Lecture_22_Parametric cost vector LPP.PDF unavailable
23Lecture_23_Parametric cost vector LPP, Introduction to Min-cost flow problem.PDF unavailable
24Lecture_24_Mini-cost flow problem-Transportation problem.PDF unavailable
25Lecture_25_Transportation problem degeneracy, cyclingPDF unavailable
26Lecture_26_ Sensitivity analysis.PDF unavailable
27Lecture_27_ Sensitivity analysis.PDF unavailable
28Lecture_28_Bounded variable transportation problem, min-cost flow problem.PDF unavailable
29Lecture_29_Min-cost flow problemPDF unavailable
30Lecture_30_Starting feasible solution, Lexicographic method for preventing cycling ,strongly feasible solutionPDF unavailable
31Lecture_31_Assignment 6, Shortest path problem, Shortest Path between any two nodes,Detection of negative cycles.PDF unavailable
32Lecture_32_ Min-cost-flow Sensitivity analysis Shortest path problem sensitivity analysis.PDF unavailable
33Lecture_33_Min-cost flow changes in arc capacities , Max-flow problem, assignment 7PDF unavailable
34Lecture_34_Problem 3 (assignment 7), Min-cut Max-flow theorem, Labelling algorithm.PDF unavailable
35Lecture_35_Max-flow - Critical capacity of an arc, starting solution for min-cost flow problem.PDF unavailable
36Lecture_36_Improved Max-flow algorithm.PDF unavailable
37Lecture_37_Critical Path Method (CPM).PDF unavailable
38Lecture_38_Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).PDF unavailable
39Lecture_39_ Simplex Algorithm is not polynomial time- An example.PDF unavailable
40Lecture_40_Interior Point Methods .PDF unavailable

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