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1Random experiment, sample space, axioms of probability, probability space.PDF unavailable
2 Random experiment, sample space, axioms of probability, probability space. (Cont...)PDF unavailable
3Random experiment, sample space, axioms of probability, probability space. (Contd...)PDF unavailable
4Conditional probability, independence of events.PDF unavailable
5 Multiplication rule, total probability rule, Bayes's theorem.PDF unavailable
6Definition of Random Variable, Cumulative Distribution FunctionPDF unavailable
7Definition of Random Variable, Cumulative Distribution Function (Continued 1)PDF unavailable
8Definition of Random Variable, Cumulative Distribution Function (Continued 2)PDF unavailable
9Type of Random Variables, Probability Mass Function, Probability Density FunctionPDF unavailable
10Type of Random Variables, Probability Mass Function, Probability Density Function (continued 1)PDF unavailable
11Distribution of Function of Random VariablesPDF unavailable
12Mean and VariancePDF unavailable
13Mean and Variance ContinuedPDF unavailable
14Higher Order Moments and Moments InequalitiesPDF unavailable
15Higher Order Moments and Moments Inequalities ContinuedPDF unavailable
16Generating FunctionsPDF unavailable
17Generating Functions ContinuedPDF unavailable
18Common Discrete DistributionsPDF unavailable
19Common Discrete Distributions ContinuedPDF unavailable
20Common Continuous DistributionsPDF unavailable
21Common Continuous Distributions ContinuedPDF unavailable
22Applications of Random VariablePDF unavailable
23Applications of Random Variable ContinuedPDF unavailable
24Random vector and joint distributionPDF unavailable
25Joint probability mass functionPDF unavailable
26Joint probability density functionPDF unavailable
27Independent random variablesPDF unavailable
28Independent random variables ContinuedPDF unavailable
29Functions of several random variablesPDF unavailable
30Functions of several random variables continuedPDF unavailable
31Some important results PDF unavailable
32Order statistics PDF unavailable
33Conditional distributions PDF unavailable
34Random sum PDF unavailable
35Moments and CovariancePDF unavailable
36Variance Covariance matrixPDF unavailable
37Multivariate Normal distributionPDF unavailable
38Probability generating function and Moment generating functionPDF unavailable
39Correlation coefficientPDF unavailable
40Conditional ExpectationPDF unavailable
41Conditional Expectation continued.PDF unavailable
42Modes of ConvergencePDF unavailable
43Mode of Convergence (Continued)PDF unavailable
44Law of Large NumbersPDF unavailable
45Central Limit TheoremPDF unavailable
46Central Limit Theorem (Continued)PDF unavailable
47Motivation for Stochastic ProcessesPDF unavailable
48Definition of a Stochastic ProcessPDF unavailable
49Classification of Stochastic ProcessesPDF unavailable
50Examples of Stochastic ProcessPDF unavailable
51Examples Of Stochastic Process (Continued)PDF unavailable
52Bernoulli ProcessPDF unavailable
53Poisson ProcessPDF unavailable
54Poisson Process (Continued)PDF unavailable
55Simple Random WalkPDF unavailable
56Time Series and Related DefinitionsPDF unavailable
57Strict Sense Stationary ProcessPDF unavailable
58Wide Sense Stationary Process and ExamplesPDF unavailable
59Examples of Stationary Processes ContinuedPDF unavailable
60Discrete Time Markov Chain (DTMC) PDF unavailable
61DTMC continuedPDF unavailable
62Examples of DTMCPDF unavailable
63Examples of DTMC continued PDF unavailable
64Chapman-Kolmogorov equations and N-step transition matrixPDF unavailable
65Examples based on N-step transition matrixPDF unavailable
66Examples continued PDF unavailable
67Classification of states PDF unavailable
68Classification of states continuedPDF unavailable
69Calculation of N-Step-9PDF unavailable
70Calculation of N-Step-10PDF unavailable
71Limiting and Stationary distributions PDF unavailable
72Limiting and Stationary distributions continuedPDF unavailable
73Continuous time Markov chain (CTMC) PDF unavailable
74CTMC continuedPDF unavailable
75State transition diagram and Chapman-Kolmogorov equationPDF unavailable
76Infinitesimal generator and Kolmogorov differential equationsPDF unavailable
77Limiting distribution PDF unavailable
78Limiting and Stationary distributions -1PDF unavailable
79Birth death process PDF unavailable
80Birth death process continuedPDF unavailable
81Poisson process -1PDF unavailable
82Poisson process continuedPDF unavailable
83Poisson process (cont.)PDF unavailable
84Non-homogeneous and compound Poisson process PDF unavailable
85Introduction to Queueing Models and Kendall NotationPDF unavailable
86M/M/1 Queueing ModelPDF unavailable
87M/M/1 Queueing Model Continued...PDF unavailable
88M/M/1 Queueing Model and Burke's TheoremPDF unavailable
89 M/M/c Queueing ModelPDF unavailable
90M/M/c continued and M/M/1/N ModelPDF unavailable
91Other Markovian Queueing ModelsPDF unavailable
92Transient Solution of Finite Capacity Markovian QueuesPDF unavailable

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3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available