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1Analizing the Current Bussiness ScenarioDownload
2Innovation and Creativity-An IntroductionDownload
3Innovation in Current EnvironmentDownload
4Types of InnovationDownload
5School of InnovationDownload
6Challenges of InnovationDownload
7Steps of Innovation ManagementDownload
8Idea Management SystemDownload
9Divergent v/s Convergent ThinkingDownload
10Design Thinking and EntrepreneurshipDownload
11Experimentation in Innovation ManagementDownload
12Idea ChampionshipDownload
13Participation for InnovationDownload
14Co-creation for InnovationDownload
15Prototyping to IncubationDownload
16What is Business Model?Download
17Who is an Entrepreneur?Download
18Social Entrepreneurship?Download
19Blue Ocean Strategy-IDownload
20Blue Ocean Strategy-IIDownload
21Marketing of InnovationDownload
22Technology Innovation ProcessDownload
23Technological Innovation Management Planning Download
24Technological Innovation Management StrategiesDownload
25Technology ForecastingDownload
26Sustainability Innovation and Entrepreneurship Download
27Innovation Sustainable ConditionsDownload
28Innovation: Context and PatternsDownload
29SME’S strategic involvement in sustainable development Download
30Insight and EntrepreneurshipDownload
31Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-IDownload
32Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-IIDownload
33Types of IPRDownload
34Patents and CopyrightsDownload
35Patents in IndiaDownload
36Business Models and value propositionDownload
37Business Model Failure: Reasons and RemediesDownload
38Incubators : Business Vs TechnologyDownload
39Managing Investors for InnovationDownload
40Future markets and Innovation needs for IndiaDownload

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1Analizing the Current Bussiness ScenarioPDF unavailable
2Innovation and Creativity-An IntroductionPDF unavailable
3Innovation in Current EnvironmentPDF unavailable
4Types of InnovationPDF unavailable
5School of InnovationPDF unavailable
6Challenges of InnovationPDF unavailable
7Steps of Innovation ManagementPDF unavailable
8Idea Management SystemPDF unavailable
9Divergent v/s Convergent ThinkingPDF unavailable
10Design Thinking and EntrepreneurshipPDF unavailable
11Experimentation in Innovation ManagementPDF unavailable
12Idea ChampionshipPDF unavailable
13Participation for InnovationPDF unavailable
14Co-creation for InnovationPDF unavailable
15Prototyping to IncubationPDF unavailable
16What is Business Model?PDF unavailable
17Who is an Entrepreneur?PDF unavailable
18Social Entrepreneurship?PDF unavailable
19Blue Ocean Strategy-IPDF unavailable
20Blue Ocean Strategy-IIPDF unavailable
21Marketing of InnovationPDF unavailable
22Technology Innovation ProcessPDF unavailable
23Technological Innovation Management Planning PDF unavailable
24Technological Innovation Management StrategiesPDF unavailable
25Technology ForecastingPDF unavailable
26Sustainability Innovation and Entrepreneurship PDF unavailable
27Innovation Sustainable ConditionsPDF unavailable
28Innovation: Context and PatternsPDF unavailable
29SME’S strategic involvement in sustainable development PDF unavailable
30Insight and EntrepreneurshipPDF unavailable
31Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-IPDF unavailable
32Management of Innovation, creation of IPR-IIPDF unavailable
33Types of IPRPDF unavailable
34Patents and CopyrightsPDF unavailable
35Patents in IndiaPDF unavailable
36Business Models and value propositionPDF unavailable
37Business Model Failure: Reasons and RemediesPDF unavailable
38Incubators : Business Vs TechnologyPDF unavailable
39Managing Investors for InnovationPDF unavailable
40Future markets and Innovation needs for IndiaPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available