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Unit-1Solutions of Week 1Solutions of Week 1170 kb
Unit-1Week 1 Assignment SCMWeek 1 Assignment SCM130 kb
Unit-2Solutions of Assignment 2Solutions of Assignment 2312 kb
Unit-2Week 2 Assignment SCMWeek 2 Assignment SCM126 kb
Unit-3Solutions of Assignment 3Solutions of Assignment 31000 kb
Unit-3week 3 assignmentweek 3 assignment345 kb
Unit-4Solution of Assignment 4Solution of Assignment 4510 kb
Unit-4week 4 assignmentweek 4 assignment135 kb
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Unit-5week5 assignmentweek5 assignment135 kb
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Unit-6week 6 assignmentweek 6 assignment335 kb
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Unit-8Solution of Assignment 8Solution of Assignment 8300 kb

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1Introduction to Supply Chain Management DownloadPDF unavailable
2Evolution of Supply Chain ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
3Analytics in Supply Chain ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
4Supply Chain Planning DownloadPDF unavailable
5Different views of Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
6Supply Chain StrategyDownloadPDF unavailable
7Supply Chain DriversDownloadPDF unavailable
8Developing Supply Chain StrategyDownloadPDF unavailable
9Strategic Fit in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
10Demand Forecasting in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
11Bullwhip Effect and Time Series AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
12Exponential Smoothing Method of ForecastingDownloadPDF unavailable
13Measures of Forecasting ErrorsDownloadPDF unavailable
14Tracking Signal and Seasonality Models DownloadPDF unavailable
15Forecasting using multiple characteristics in Demand Data and Inventory Management in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
16Inventory Management in Supply Chain DownloadPDF unavailable
17Multi echelon Inventory ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
18Multi echelon Inventory Management (Continued) DownloadPDF unavailable
19Multi echelon Inventory Management for four stationsDownloadPDF unavailable
20Multi echelon Inventory Management for four stations (Numerical Example)DownloadPDF unavailable
21Multi echelon Inventory Management for four stations (Numerical Example continued)DownloadPDF unavailable
22Network Design in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
23Network Design of Global Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
24Alternative channels of DistributionDownloadPDF unavailable
25Location Decisions in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
26Network Optimization ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
27Using Excel Solver for Network OptimizationDownloadPDF unavailable
28Uncertainty in Network DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
29Network Design in Uncertain Environment and FlexibilityDownloadPDF unavailable
30Flexibility in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
31Optimal Level of Product Availability in Supply chain DownloadPDF unavailable
32Time Value of money in Supply Chain DownloadPDF unavailable
33Different types of Analytics in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
34Predictive Modelling in Forecasting in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
35Representation on Uncertainty in Supply Chain DownloadPDF unavailable
36Using Decision Tree for handling Uncertainty DownloadPDF unavailable
37Example of using Decision Tree incorporating Uncertainty in Single Factor DownloadPDF unavailable
38Example of using Decision Tree incorporating Uncertainty in two Key Factors DownloadPDF unavailable
39Modelling Flexibility in Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable
40Trends, Challenges and Future of Supply ChainDownloadPDF unavailable