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1Leadership : Business Context Download
2Leadership and Management Download
3Management Thought -1 Download
4Management Thought -2 Download
5Management Thought -3 Download
6Trait TheoryDownload
8Situational TheoryDownload
9Path-Goal TheoryDownload
10Leader-Member Exchange TheoryDownload
11Technology LeadershipDownload
12Climate LeadershipDownload
13Resource LeadershipDownload
14Global LeadershipDownload
15Crisis LeadershipDownload
16Leadership AttributesDownload
17Apex Leadership AttributesDownload
18Leadership EssentialsDownload
19Learning to LeadDownload
20Indian Leader CompetenciesDownload
21Self-actualization Download
22Leadership Balance Download
23Paradox Management Download
24Agile and PreciseDownload
25Adaptive ProcessesDownload
26Stature versus Title Download
27Vision, Strategy, Structure and Execution Download
28Organization Structures Download
29Effective ExecutionDownload
30Building Perpetual Corporations Download
31Enablement as Development Download
32Instilling Development Passion Download
33CEO Succession Download
34Success Factors for Succession Download
35Stage and StatureDownload
36R&D Leadership Download
37Operations Leadership Download
38Marketing Leadership Download
39Finance Leadership Download
40Human Resources LeadershipDownload
41Pioneering Leadership Model Download
42Performance Leadership ModelDownload
43Corporate Longevity Model Download
44Intellectual Leadership Model Download
45Leadership Accountability Model Download
46Charismatic Leadership Model Download
47People Leadership Model Download
48Follower Leadership Model Download
49Dependence-Independence Model Download
50Connected Leadership Model Download
51Leadership SensibilitiesDownload
52Leadership MistakesDownload
53Lonely at the TopDownload
54Leadership EmotionsDownload
55Organizational TotalitarianismDownload
56Dr A P J Abdul Kalam President without Precedent Download
57"Dr C K Prahalad Timeless in Strategy, Tireless in Creativity "Download
58Steve Jobs Technology Visionary Par ExcellenceDownload
59Dr KallamAnjiReddy Game Changing Pharma Entrepreneur Download
60J R D Tata Conglomerate Leadership Beyond CompareDownload
61Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Beyond CompareDownload
62In Closing Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Leadership : Business Context PDF unavailable
2Leadership and Management PDF unavailable
3Management Thought -1 PDF unavailable
4Management Thought -2 PDF unavailable
5Management Thought -3 PDF unavailable
6Trait TheoryPDF unavailable
7BehaviouralTheoryPDF unavailable
8Situational TheoryPDF unavailable
9Path-Goal TheoryPDF unavailable
10Leader-Member Exchange TheoryPDF unavailable
11Technology LeadershipPDF unavailable
12Climate LeadershipPDF unavailable
13Resource LeadershipPDF unavailable
14Global LeadershipPDF unavailable
15Crisis LeadershipPDF unavailable
16Leadership AttributesPDF unavailable
17Apex Leadership AttributesPDF unavailable
18Leadership EssentialsPDF unavailable
19Learning to LeadPDF unavailable
20Indian Leader CompetenciesPDF unavailable
21Self-actualization PDF unavailable
22Leadership Balance PDF unavailable
23Paradox Management PDF unavailable
24Agile and PrecisePDF unavailable
25Adaptive ProcessesPDF unavailable
26Stature versus Title PDF unavailable
27Vision, Strategy, Structure and Execution PDF unavailable
28Organization Structures PDF unavailable
29Effective ExecutionPDF unavailable
30Building Perpetual Corporations PDF unavailable
31Enablement as Development PDF unavailable
32Instilling Development Passion PDF unavailable
33CEO Succession PDF unavailable
34Success Factors for Succession PDF unavailable
35Stage and StaturePDF unavailable
36R&D Leadership PDF unavailable
37Operations Leadership PDF unavailable
38Marketing Leadership PDF unavailable
39Finance Leadership PDF unavailable
40Human Resources LeadershipPDF unavailable
41Pioneering Leadership Model PDF unavailable
42Performance Leadership ModelPDF unavailable
43Corporate Longevity Model PDF unavailable
44Intellectual Leadership Model PDF unavailable
45Leadership Accountability Model PDF unavailable
46Charismatic Leadership Model PDF unavailable
47People Leadership Model PDF unavailable
48Follower Leadership Model PDF unavailable
49Dependence-Independence Model PDF unavailable
50Connected Leadership Model PDF unavailable
51Leadership SensibilitiesPDF unavailable
52Leadership MistakesPDF unavailable
53Lonely at the TopPDF unavailable
54Leadership EmotionsPDF unavailable
55Organizational TotalitarianismPDF unavailable
56Dr A P J Abdul Kalam President without Precedent PDF unavailable
57"Dr C K Prahalad Timeless in Strategy, Tireless in Creativity "PDF unavailable
58Steve Jobs Technology Visionary Par ExcellencePDF unavailable
59Dr KallamAnjiReddy Game Changing Pharma Entrepreneur PDF unavailable
60J R D Tata Conglomerate Leadership Beyond ComparePDF unavailable
61Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Beyond ComparePDF unavailable
62In Closing PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available