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1Lecture 1PDF unavailable
2Lecture 2PDF unavailable
3Lecture 3PDF unavailable
4Lecture 4PDF unavailable
5Lecture 5PDF unavailable
6Lecture 6PDF unavailable
7Lecture 7PDF unavailable
8Lecture 8PDF unavailable
9Lecture 9PDF unavailable
10Lecture 10PDF unavailable
11Lecture 11PDF unavailable
12Lecture 12PDF unavailable
13Lecture 13 PDF unavailable
14Lecture 14PDF unavailable
15Lecture 15PDF unavailable
16Lecture 16PDF unavailable
17Lecture 17PDF unavailable
18Lecture 18PDF unavailable
19Lecture 19PDF unavailable
20Lecture 20PDF unavailable
21Lecture 21PDF unavailable
22Lecture 22PDF unavailable
23Lecture 23PDF unavailable
24Lecture 24PDF unavailable
25Lecture 25PDF unavailable
26Lecture 26PDF unavailable
27Lecture 27PDF unavailable
28Lecture 28PDF unavailable
29Lecture 29PDF unavailable
30Lecture 30: Introduction to Factorial ExperimentsPDF unavailable
31Lecture 31 : Statistical Analysis of Factorial ExperimentsPDF unavailable
32Lecture 32 : Estimation of parameters and model adequacy test for factorial experiementPDF unavailable
33Lecture 33 : Full_Factorial_Single_ReplicatePDF unavailable
34Lecture 34 : General_Full_factorial_designPDF unavailable
35Lecture 35 : Blocking_Factorial_designPDF unavailable
36Lecture 36 : Two_level_Factorial_ExperimentPDF unavailable
37Lecture 37 : Statistical analysis of 2^k factorial designPDF unavailable
38Lecture 38 : 2_k_Factorial_Design_Single_ReplicatePDF unavailable
39Lecture 39 : 2_k_Factorial_Design_Centre_PointsPDF unavailable
40Lecture 40 : 2_k_Factorial_Design_Optimality_IssuesPDF unavailable
41Lecture 41: 2_k_ Factorial Design - Issues with Coded Design Variables "PDF unavailable
42Lecture 42: Blocking and Confounding in 2_k_Factorial DesignPDF unavailable
43Lecture 43: Blocking and Confounding in 2_k_Factorial Design (Contd.)PDF unavailable
44Lecture 44: Blocking and Confounding in 2_k_Factorial Design (Contd.)PDF unavailable
45Lecture 45 : Fractional factorial design: Introduction PDF unavailable
46Lecture 46 : Fractional factorial design: Contd.PDF unavailable
47Lecture 47 : Fractional factorial design: One quarter fraction of the 2k designPDF unavailable
48Lecture 48 : "Alias Structure in Fractional factorial design: Regression Approach "PDF unavailable
49Lecture 49 : "General 2^(k-p) Fractional Factorial Design "PDF unavailable
50Lecture 50 : "Fractional factorial design: Fold-over Design "PDF unavailable
51Lecture 51 : Plackett-Burman DesignsPDF unavailable
52Lecture 52:Response Surface Methodology (RSM) – First Order ModelPDF unavailable
53Lecture 53:Response Surface Methodology (RSM) – First Order Model (Contd.)PDF unavailable
54Lecture 54: Experimental Design for Fitting Response SurfacesPDF unavailable
55Lecture 55: Response Surface Methodology (RSM): Fitting Second Order ModelPDF unavailable
56Lecture 56: Analysis of Second Order Response SurfacePDF unavailable
57Lecture 57 : ANOVA using MINITABPDF unavailable
58Lecture 58 : Factorial Design using MINITABPDF unavailable
59Lecture 59 : Fractional Factorial Design using MINITABPDF unavailable
60Lecture 60 : Response Surface Methodology using MINITABPDF unavailable

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