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Week 1Module 7Module 7 - Lecture Notes116 kb
Week 1Module 6Module 6 - Lecture Notes225 kb
Week 1Module 5Module 5 - Lecture Notes251 kb
Week 1Module 4Module 4 - Lecture Notes240 kb
Week 1Module 3Module 3 - Lecture Notes223 kb
Week 1Module 2Module 2 - Lecture Notes325 kb
Week 1Module 1Module 1 - Lecture Notes170 kb
Week 2Module 16Module 16 - Lecture Notes154 kb
Week 2Module 15Module 15 - Lecture Notes217 kb
Week 2Module 14Module 14 - Lecture Notes285 kb
Week 2Module 13Module 13 - Lecture Notes232 kb
Week 2Module 12Module 12 - Lecture Notes285 kb
Week 2Module 11Module 11 - Lecture Notes229 kb
Week 2Module 10Module 10 - Lecture Notes272 kb
Week 2Module 9Module 9 - Lecture Notes181 kb
Week 2Module 8Module 8 - Lecture Notes278 kb
Week 3Module 19Module 19 - Lecture Notes62 kb
Week 3Module 20Module 20 - Lecture Notes106 kb
Week 3Module 21Module 21 - Lecture Notes451 kb
Week 3Module 22Module 22 - Lecture Notes385 kb
Week 3Module 23Module 23 - Lecture Notes384 kb
Week 3Module 18Module 18 - Lecture Notes115 kb
Week 3Module 17Module 17 - Lecture Notes92 kb
Week 4Module 24Module 24 - Lecture Notes107 kb
Week 4Module 25Module 25 - Lecture Notes207 kb
Week 4Module 26Module 26 - Lecture Notes83 kb
Week 4Module 27Module 27 - Lecture Notes94 kb
Week 4Module 28Module 28 - Lecture Notes93 kb
Week 4Module 29Module 29 - Lecture Notes75 kb
Week 4Module 30Module 30 - Lecture Notes105 kb
Week 4Module 31Module 31 - Lecture Notes124 kb
Week 5Module 32Module 32 Lecture Notes117 kb
Week 5Module 33Module 33 Lecture Notes681 kb
Week 5Module 34Module 34 Lecture Notes117 kb
Week 5Module 35Module 35 Lecture Notes347 kb
Week 5Module 36Module 36 Lecture Notes347 kb
Week 5Module 37Module 37 Lecture Notes304 kb
Week 5Module 38Module 38 Lecture Notes357 kb
Week 6Module 39Module 39 - Lecture Notes234 kb
Week 6Module 40Module 40 - Lecture Notes527 kb
Week 6Module 41Module 41 - Lecture Notes166 kb
Week 6Module 42Module 42 - Lecture Notes501 kb
Week 6Module 43Module 43 - Lecture Notes501 kb
Week 6Module 44Module 44 - Lecture Notes252 kb
Week 7Module 45Module 45 - Lecture Notes96 kb
Week 7Module 46Module 46 - Lecture Notes456 kb
Week 7Module 47Module 47 - Lecture Notes83 kb
Week 7Module 48Module 48 - Lecture Notes479 kb
Week 7Module 49Module 49 - Lecture Notes433 kb
Week 7Module 50Module 50 - Lecture Notes444 kb
Week 7Module 51Module 51 - Lecture Notes263 kb
Week 7Module 52Module 52 - Lecture Notes338 kb

New Assignments
Module NameDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction Examples: Markets/ Politics/ AuctionsPDF unavailable
2Prisoners’ DilemmaPDF unavailable
3Best Response and Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
4Another Example: MarketsPDF unavailable
5Dominant StrategiesPDF unavailable
6Stag Hunt – Coordination and Bank RunsPDF unavailable
7Battle of Sexes and Multiple Nash EquilibriaPDF unavailable
8Tragedy of CommonsPDF unavailable
9Tragedy of Commons.PDF unavailable
10Cournot DuopolyPDF unavailable
11Cournot Duopoly.PDF unavailable
12Mixed StrategiesPDF unavailable
13Battle of SexesPDF unavailable
14Battle of Sexes: Best Response DynamicPDF unavailable
15Paying TaxesPDF unavailable
16Portfolio Management GamePDF unavailable
17Rationality, Choice and Common KnowledgePDF unavailable
18Lterated Elimination of Domination StrategiesPDF unavailable
19AuctionPDF unavailable
20Auction : As a Normal Form GamePDF unavailable
21Traffic at Equilibrium and Braesss ParadoxPDF unavailable
22Linear MarketsPDF unavailable
23Extensive Form GamesPDF unavailable
24Game Tree and Information SetsPDF unavailable
25Strategies in Extensive from GamesPDF unavailable
26Extensive from Games with Simultaneous Moves and Their Normal From RepresentationPDF unavailable
27Sub Game Perfect Equilibrium Part-IPDF unavailable
28Sub Game Perfect Equilibrium Part-IIPDF unavailable
29The Art of War: Lesson 1PDF unavailable
30Ultimatum GamePDF unavailable
31Stackelberg ModelPDF unavailable
32Bayesian GamesPDF unavailable
33Bayesian Game: BoSPDF unavailable
34Bayesian Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
35Yield vs FightPDF unavailable
36Yield vs. Fight: Bayesian NEPDF unavailable
37Bayesian Cournot GamePDF unavailable
38Bayesian Games with mixed strategiesPDF unavailable
39AuctionsPDF unavailable
40Sealed Bid First Price AuctionPDF unavailable
41Expected RevenuePDF unavailable
42Bayesian Second Price AuctionPDF unavailable
43Expected Revenue: Second Price AuctionPDF unavailable
44All Pay AuctionPDF unavailable
45A Hawk-Dove GamePDF unavailable
46Evolutionary BiologyPDF unavailable
47Evolutionary stable Strategy (ESS)PDF unavailable
48ESS and NEPDF unavailable
49Repeated GamesPDF unavailable
50Finitely Repeated Game having Multiple EquilibriumsPDF unavailable
51Chain-Store ParadoxPDF unavailable
52Infinitely Repeated GamePDF unavailable
53Non Cooperative BargainingPDF unavailable
54Axiomatic BargainingPDF unavailable
55Extensive Form Game with Incomplete InformationPDF unavailable
56Introduction to perfect Bayesian EquilibriumPDF unavailable
57Obtaining PBEPDF unavailable
58Gift GamePDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available