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1Introduction Part-1PDF unavailable
2Introduction Part1PDF unavailable
3Introduction Part-3PDF unavailable
4The Genealogy of PostmodernismPDF unavailable
5The Genealogy of Postmodernism : Locating the starting pointsPDF unavailable
6The Death of the author and it's Postmodern implications PDF unavailable
7The Death of the author and it's Postmodern implications ( Continued)PDF unavailable
8The Death of the author and it's Postmodern implications ( Continued)PDF unavailable
9What is an Author ?PDF unavailable
10What is an Author ? ( Continued )PDF unavailable
11Postmodern Theories and Frameworks : An OutlinePDF unavailable
12Lyotard's Postmodern condition : Challenging MetanarrativesPDF unavailable
13Lyotard's Postmodern condition : Challenging Metanarratives ( Continued )PDF unavailable
14Baudrillard,Hyperreality and Postmodern representationsPDF unavailable
15Baudrillard,Hyperreality and Postmodern representations ( Continued )PDF unavailable
16Derrida,Deconstruction and Postmodern textsPDF unavailable
17Derrida,Deconstruction and Postmodern texts ( Continued )PDF unavailable
18Derrida,Deconstruction and Postmodern texts ( Continued )PDF unavailable
19Intertextuality,Kristeva and the study of Postmodern TextsPDF unavailable
20Postmodern Feminism : Gender and PerformativityPDF unavailable
21Formulation of the Postmodern : Deleuze and GuattariPDF unavailable
22Minor Literature' and Postmodern NarrativesPDF unavailable
23Critiques of Postmodernism : A Marxist PerspectivePDF unavailable
24Critiques of PostmodernismPDF unavailable
25Feminism and PostmodernismPDF unavailable
26Situating the Postcolonial in the PostmodernPDF unavailable
27Homi K.Bhabha : The Postmodern and the PostcolonialPDF unavailable
28"Is the Post-in Postmodernism the Post-in Postcolonial?" : Understanding AppiahPDF unavailable
29"Can the Subaltern Speak?" : Deconstructing the PostcolonialPDF unavailable
30Reading Postmodern-Postcolonial FictionPDF unavailable
31Hyperreality in Delillo's Postmodernist Fiction : A Discussion of White NoisePDF unavailable
32The Garden of Forking Paths : Postmodernist short fictionPDF unavailable
33The Garden of Forking Paths : Postmodernist short fiction ( Continued )PDF unavailable
34Postmodern Fiction by women : Reading Atwood's The Edible WomanPDF unavailable
35Postmodern Fiction by women : Reading Atwood's The Handmaid's TalePDF unavailable
36Reading Postmdern Fiction : Slaughterhouse-Five b Kurt VonnegutPDF unavailable
37Reading Postmdern Fiction : The French Lieutenant's Woman by John FowlesPDF unavailable
38Postmodern Writings : Features,trends and some departuresPDF unavailable
39Postmodern Writings : Situating Pynchon and the Beat GenerationPDF unavailable
40Postmodern literature today : Some concluding thoughtsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available