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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1What is Reading Comprehension?Download
2Literature and reading comprehensionDownload
3Scientific passages and reading comprehensionDownload
4Analyze a task-1Download
5Analyze a task-2Download
6Reading - Comprehending Scientific PassagesDownload
7Comprehending Literary Passages - 1Download
8Comprehending Literary Passages - 2Download
9Academic writingDownload
10Text - CompletionDownload
12Writing : Long EssaysDownload
13Writing : Long Essays ( Continued... )Download
15Writing : Imaginative EssaysDownload
16Listening for Specific InformationDownload
17Reading ComprehensionDownload
18Reading Comprehension:Long PassagesDownload
19Verbal Analogy & VocabularyDownload
20Vocabulary : Word Families & Confusable WordsDownload
21Vocabulary: word origins and confusable wordsDownload
22Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 1Download
23Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 2Download
24Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 3Download
25Vocabulary: Synonyms, Meanings and Confusable WordsDownload
26Text CompletionDownload
27Text Completion Contd.Download
28Analogy and Text CompletionDownload
29Text Completion Contd Download
30Text Completion - Part 4Download
31Names and VocabularyDownload
32Latin Terms in English VocabularyDownload
33Greek Mythology and VocabularyDownload
34Green Names and Foreign WordsDownload
35Vocabulary Practice TestDownload
37Foreign Words and NamesDownload
38Suffixes and Reference WordsDownload
39Uncommon Words - Part 1Download
40Uncommon Words - 2Download
41More Uncommon WordsDownload
42More Uncommon Words (Contd.)Download
43Vocabulary and AnalogyDownload
44Vocabulary: Mixed BagDownload
45Subject-Verb Agreement and Sentence CorrectionDownload
46Sentence CorrectionDownload
47Conditional Clauses, Prepositions and Reported SpeechDownload
49Modifiers, Active Voice and Passive VoiceDownload
50Gerunds and InfinitivesDownload
51Coordinators and Conjunctions - Part 1Download
52Coordinators and Conjunctions - Part 2Download
53Grammar: Words & ExpressionsDownload
54Grammar: Phrasal VerbsDownload
56Punctuation (Continued...)Download
57Revision - VocabularyDownload
58Revision - Subject verb agreementDownload
59Read and ReviseDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1What is Reading Comprehension?PDF unavailable
2Literature and reading comprehensionPDF unavailable
3Scientific passages and reading comprehensionPDF unavailable
4Analyze a task-1PDF unavailable
5Analyze a task-2PDF unavailable
6Reading - Comprehending Scientific PassagesPDF unavailable
7Comprehending Literary Passages - 1PDF unavailable
8Comprehending Literary Passages - 2PDF unavailable
9Academic writingPDF unavailable
10Text - CompletionPDF unavailable
11AnalogyPDF unavailable
12Writing : Long EssaysPDF unavailable
13Writing : Long Essays ( Continued... )PDF unavailable
14ListeningPDF unavailable
15Writing : Imaginative EssaysPDF unavailable
16Listening for Specific InformationPDF unavailable
17Reading ComprehensionPDF unavailable
18Reading Comprehension:Long PassagesPDF unavailable
19Verbal Analogy & VocabularyPDF unavailable
20Vocabulary : Word Families & Confusable WordsPDF unavailable
21Vocabulary: word origins and confusable wordsPDF unavailable
22Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 1PDF unavailable
23Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 2PDF unavailable
24Vocabulary: Text Completion - Part 3PDF unavailable
25Vocabulary: Synonyms, Meanings and Confusable WordsPDF unavailable
26Text CompletionPDF unavailable
27Text Completion Contd.PDF unavailable
28Analogy and Text CompletionPDF unavailable
29Text Completion Contd PDF unavailable
30Text Completion - Part 4PDF unavailable
31Names and VocabularyPDF unavailable
32Latin Terms in English VocabularyPDF unavailable
33Greek Mythology and VocabularyPDF unavailable
34Green Names and Foreign WordsPDF unavailable
35Vocabulary Practice TestPDF unavailable
36Analogy:PDF unavailable
37Foreign Words and NamesPDF unavailable
38Suffixes and Reference WordsPDF unavailable
39Uncommon Words - Part 1PDF unavailable
40Uncommon Words - 2PDF unavailable
41More Uncommon WordsPDF unavailable
42More Uncommon Words (Contd.)PDF unavailable
43Vocabulary and AnalogyPDF unavailable
44Vocabulary: Mixed BagPDF unavailable
45Subject-Verb Agreement and Sentence CorrectionPDF unavailable
46Sentence CorrectionPDF unavailable
47Conditional Clauses, Prepositions and Reported SpeechPDF unavailable
48ClausesPDF unavailable
49Modifiers, Active Voice and Passive VoicePDF unavailable
50Gerunds and InfinitivesPDF unavailable
51Coordinators and Conjunctions - Part 1PDF unavailable
52Coordinators and Conjunctions - Part 2PDF unavailable
53Grammar: Words & ExpressionsPDF unavailable
54Grammar: Phrasal VerbsPDF unavailable
55PunctuationPDF unavailable
56Punctuation (Continued...)PDF unavailable
57Revision - VocabularyPDF unavailable
58Revision - Subject verb agreementPDF unavailable
59Read and RevisePDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available