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3Language in SocietyDownload
5Vocal ApparatusDownload
6Places and Manners of ArticulationDownload
7Word Formation Phonotactic RulesDownload
8Rules of Word FormationDownload
9Sentences- an introductionDownload
10Components of a SentenceDownload
11Grammaticality and AcceptabilityDownload
12Subject and Verb in a sentenceDownload
13Sentence : Objects and VerbsDownload
14Application of linguistic structure in social theoryDownload
15Second Language AcquisitionDownload
16Language and MultilingualismDownload
17Language, Culture and CognitionDownload
18Classroom discussion on Language, Culture and CognitionDownload
19Language and GenderDownload
20Language, Media and Network societyDownload
21Language TeachingDownload
22Language Teaching Methods - IDownload
23Language Teaching Methods - IIDownload
24Materials and Assessment in Teaching LanguageDownload
25Disability and Learning DisorderDownload
26Language Development and Specific DifficultiesDownload
27Dyslexia: A Developmental Phenomenon or a DisorderDownload
28Specific Learning DifficultiesDownload
29Language and ComputersDownload
30Language, Computers and ApplicationsDownload
31Language and EducationDownload
32Language and ApplicationDownload

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1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2LanguagePDF unavailable
3Language in SocietyPDF unavailable
4AcquisitionPDF unavailable
5Vocal ApparatusPDF unavailable
6Places and Manners of ArticulationPDF unavailable
7Word Formation Phonotactic RulesPDF unavailable
8Rules of Word FormationPDF unavailable
9Sentences- an introductionPDF unavailable
10Components of a SentencePDF unavailable
11Grammaticality and AcceptabilityPDF unavailable
12Subject and Verb in a sentencePDF unavailable
13Sentence : Objects and VerbsPDF unavailable
14Application of linguistic structure in social theoryPDF unavailable
15Second Language AcquisitionPDF unavailable
16Language and MultilingualismPDF unavailable
17Language, Culture and CognitionPDF unavailable
18Classroom discussion on Language, Culture and CognitionPDF unavailable
19Language and GenderPDF unavailable
20Language, Media and Network societyPDF unavailable
21Language TeachingPDF unavailable
22Language Teaching Methods - IPDF unavailable
23Language Teaching Methods - IIPDF unavailable
24Materials and Assessment in Teaching LanguagePDF unavailable
25Disability and Learning DisorderPDF unavailable
26Language Development and Specific DifficultiesPDF unavailable
27Dyslexia: A Developmental Phenomenon or a DisorderPDF unavailable
28Specific Learning DifficultiesPDF unavailable
29Language and ComputersPDF unavailable
30Language, Computers and ApplicationsPDF unavailable
31Language and EducationPDF unavailable
32Language and ApplicationPDF unavailable

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3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available