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1Existential Concerns-IDownload
2Existential Concerns-IIDownload
3Emotional wellbeing- IDownload
4Emotional wellbeing- IIDownload
7Simulation and higher order thinkingDownload
8Empathy and emotional intelligenceDownload
9Poetry therapy-IDownload
10Poetry therapy-IIDownload
11Verbal imagery and healing-IDownload
12Verbal imagery and healing-IIDownload
13Rhetoric and prosody- IDownload
14Rhetoric and prosody- IIDownload
15Rhetoric and prosody- IIIDownload
16Rhetoric and prosody- IVDownload
17Feeling Weird, Losing Touch-IDownload
18Feeling Weird, Losing Touch-IIDownload
19Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Break, Break, Break”Download
20John Keats, “Ode on Melancholy”Download
21Love, Heartbreak, and Healing-IDownload
22Love, Heartbreak, and Healing-IIDownload
23Robert Browning, “The Last Ride TogetherDownload
24Derek Walcott, “The FistDownload
25The Culture of Escape: Elusion or Illusion? -IDownload
26The Culture of Escape: Elusion or Illusion? -IIDownload
27Charles Baudelaire, “Be Drunk”Download
28Charles Bukowski, “The Suicide Kid”Download

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1Existential Concerns-IPDF unavailable
2Existential Concerns-IIPDF unavailable
3Emotional wellbeing- IPDF unavailable
4Emotional wellbeing- IIPDF unavailable
5Personality-IPDF unavailable
6Personality-IIPDF unavailable
7Simulation and higher order thinkingPDF unavailable
8Empathy and emotional intelligencePDF unavailable
9Poetry therapy-IPDF unavailable
10Poetry therapy-IIPDF unavailable
11Verbal imagery and healing-IPDF unavailable
12Verbal imagery and healing-IIPDF unavailable
13Rhetoric and prosody- IPDF unavailable
14Rhetoric and prosody- IIPDF unavailable
15Rhetoric and prosody- IIIPDF unavailable
16Rhetoric and prosody- IVPDF unavailable
17Feeling Weird, Losing Touch-IPDF unavailable
18Feeling Weird, Losing Touch-IIPDF unavailable
19Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Break, Break, Break”PDF unavailable
20John Keats, “Ode on Melancholy”PDF unavailable
21Love, Heartbreak, and Healing-IPDF unavailable
22Love, Heartbreak, and Healing-IIPDF unavailable
23Robert Browning, “The Last Ride TogetherPDF unavailable
24Derek Walcott, “The FistPDF unavailable
25The Culture of Escape: Elusion or Illusion? -IPDF unavailable
26The Culture of Escape: Elusion or Illusion? -IIPDF unavailable
27Charles Baudelaire, “Be Drunk”PDF unavailable
28Charles Bukowski, “The Suicide Kid”PDF unavailable

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