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1Lecture-01 What is Economics ?PDF unavailable
2Lecture-02 Resources, Wants & ScarcityPDF unavailable
3Lecture-03 Allocation, Command, Market and Mixed EconomyPDF unavailable
4Lecture-04 IndividualPDF unavailable
5Lecture-05 Rationality, Self Interest and OptimizationPDF unavailable
6Lecture-06 Branches of EconomicsPDF unavailable
7Lecture-07 Introduction to Demand & SupplyPDF unavailable
8Lecture-08 DemandPDF unavailable
9Lecture-09 Demand:Effect of Substitutes and Complements PDF unavailable
10Lecture-10 Market Demand Function PDF unavailable
11Lecture-11 Factors Affecting Demand PDF unavailable
12Supply and Market SupplyPDF unavailable
13Supply: Effect of Substitutes and ComplementsPDF unavailable
14Factors Affecting SupplyPDF unavailable
15Market Equilibrium PDF unavailable
16Few ExamplesPDF unavailable
17Application: Price Control PDF unavailable
18Consumer Surplus PDF unavailable
19Producer Surplus PDF unavailable
20Total SurplusPDF unavailable
21Effect of Price Control on Surplus PDF unavailable
22Lecture-22 Implications of Market EquilibriumPDF unavailable
23Lecture-23 Price Elasticity of Demand PDF unavailable
24Lecture-24 Elastic, Inelastic and Unit- elastic DemandPDF unavailable
25Lecture-25 Perfectly Elastic and Perfectly Inelastic DemandPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26 More on ElasticityPDF unavailable
27Lecture-27 Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of DemandPDF unavailable
28Lecture-28 Effect of Taxation PDF unavailable
29Lecture-29 Tax Imposed on SellerPDF unavailable
30Lecture-30 Incidence of TaxPDF unavailable
31Lecture-31 Incidence of Tax: Four ExtremesPDF unavailable
32Lecture-32 Incidence of Tax: Effect on SurplusPDF unavailable
33Lecture-33 Towards Consumer TheoryPDF unavailable
34Lecture-34 Budget Line and Budget Set PDF unavailable
35Lecture-35 Factors Affecting the Budget LinePDF unavailable
36Lecture-36 Few Examples of Changes in Budget LinePDF unavailable
37Lecture-37 Consumption Set PDF unavailable
38Lecture-38 Convexity of Consumption SetPDF unavailable
39Lecture-39 Describing UtilityPDF unavailable
40Lecture-40 Some AxiomsPDF unavailable
41Lecture-41 Preferences as a Mathematical ConstructPDF unavailable
42Lecture-42 Rationality in Real Life Vs. Rationality in EconomicsPDF unavailable
43Lecture-43 More on Three Axioms of Rationality PDF unavailable
44Lecture-44 Defining Utility FunctionPDF unavailable
45Lecture-45 Ordinal Vs. Cardinal UtilityPDF unavailable
46Lecture-46 Properties of Preferences: Continuity PDF unavailable
47Lecture-47 Indifference Set PDF unavailable
48Lecture-48 Indifference CurvePDF unavailable
49Lecture-49 Behavioural Assumption: More is BetterPDF unavailable
50Lecture-50 Properties of Preferences: ConvexityPDF unavailable
51Lecture-51 Marginal Rate of Substitution (MRS)PDF unavailable
52Lecture-52 DMRS and Convexity: ExamplePDF unavailable
53Lecture-53 Summary PDF unavailable
54Lecture-54 Utility MaximizationPDF unavailable
55Lecture-55 Utility Maximization: tangency criterionPDF unavailable
56Lecture-56 More on Utility Maximization PDF unavailable
57Lecture-57 Utility Maximization: ExamplePDF unavailable
58Lecture-58 Example RevisitedPDF unavailable
59Lecture-59 Marginal Utility Vs. Marginal Rate of Substitution (MRS) PDF unavailable
60Lecture-60 Perfect SubstitutesPDF unavailable
61Lecture-61 Perfect ComplementsPDF unavailable
62Lecture-62 An Example with Quasi Linear PreferencesPDF unavailable
63Lecture-63 Demand RevisitedPDF unavailable
64Lecture-64 Effect of Income on Quantity DemandedPDF unavailable
65Lecture-65 Effect of Change in PricePDF unavailable
66Lecture-66 Substitution Effect and Income EffectPDF unavailable
67Lecture-67 Giffen Good PDF unavailable
68Lecture-68 Expenditure Minimization as a Dual Problem of Utility MaximizationPDF unavailable
69Lecture-69 Marshallian and Hicksian Demand FunctionPDF unavailable
70Lecture-70 Slutsky EquationPDF unavailable
71Lecture-71 An Application: Subsidy Vs. Direct Benefit TransferPDF unavailable
72Lecture-72 Towards Producer TheoryPDF unavailable
73Lecture-73 Technology or Production FunctionPDF unavailable
74Lecture-74 IsoquantsPDF unavailable
75Lecture-75 Few Axioms Related to TechnologyPDF unavailable
76Lecture-76 Axioms/ Assumptions ContinuedPDF unavailable
77Lecture-77 Production in Short Run PDF unavailable
78Lecture-78 Average and Marginal Product of Labour (APL & MPL) PDF unavailable
79Lecture-79 More on APL and MPLPDF unavailable
80Lecture-80 Law of Diminishing Marginal ReturnsPDF unavailable
81Lecture-81 Production in Long Run PDF unavailable
82Lecture-82 MRTS: Few ExamplesPDF unavailable
83Lecture-83 Decreasing MRTSPDF unavailable
84Lecture-84 Elasticity of Substitution PDF unavailable
85Lecture-85 Returns to ScalePDF unavailable
86Lecture-86 Elasticity of ScalePDF unavailable
87Lecture-87 Economic Terminology: Opportunity CostPDF unavailable
88Lecture-88 Economic Terminology: Sunk Cost PDF unavailable
89Lecture-89 Economic Terminology: Economic Profit and Accounting Profit PDF unavailable
90Lecture-90 Diminishing Marginal Product Vs. DMRTSPDF unavailable
91Lecture-91 Returns to Scale through GraphsPDF unavailable
92Lecture-92 Cost in Long Run PDF unavailable
93Lecture-93 Cost MinimizationPDF unavailable
94Lecture-94 Cost Minimization: Few ExamplesPDF unavailable
95Lecture-95 Cost Minimization: Cobb-Douglas Production FunctionPDF unavailable
96Lecture-96 More on Cost MinimizationPDF unavailable
97Lecture-97 Cost Function in the Long RunPDF unavailable
98Lecture-98 Cost in Short Run: TC, FC and VCPDF unavailable
99Lecture-99 Cost in Short Run: MCPDF unavailable
100Lecture-100 Shape of Cost CurvesPDF unavailable
101Lecture-101 Factor Demand FunctionPDF unavailable
102Lecture-102 Output Expansion PathPDF unavailable
103Lecture-103 Cost Revisited: Quasi Fixed CostPDF unavailable
104Lecture-104 Cobb-Douglas Function: Cost and Returns to ScalePDF unavailable
105Lecture-105 Short Run Vs. Long Run Cost MinimizationPDF unavailable
106Lecture-106 Short Run Vs. Long Run Cost Minimization Through GraphsPDF unavailable
107Lecture-107 Average Cost in Short Run Vs. Long Run PDF unavailable
108Lecture-108 Short Run Marginal Cost Vs. Long Run Marginal CostPDF unavailable
109Lecture-109 Profit MaximizationPDF unavailable
110Lecture-110 Marginal Revenue PDF unavailable
111Lecture-111 Profit Maximization in Short Run Through Graphs PDF unavailable
112Lecture-112 Profit Maximization in Short Run Through Algebra and CalculusPDF unavailable
113Lecture-113 Market Environment PDF unavailable
114Lecture-114 Perfectly Competitive MarketPDF unavailable
115Lecture-115 Supply CurvePDF unavailable
116Lecture-116 An example obtaining the short run supply functionPDF unavailable
117Lecture-117 Two Interpretation of Supply FunctionPDF unavailable
118Lecture-118 Profit maximization implies cost minimization PDF unavailable
119Lecture-119 Producer’s Surplus RevisitedPDF unavailable
120Lecture-120 Profit Maximization and Returns to ScalePDF unavailable
121Lecture-121 Short Run Supply Vs. Long Run SupplyPDF unavailable
122Lecture-122 Long Run Equilibrium and Supply FunctionPDF unavailable
123Lecture-123 Introduction to MonopolyPDF unavailable
124Lecture-124 Marginal Revenue of the MonopolistPDF unavailable
125Lecture-125 Monopoly: Price Elasticity of the Demand and MRPDF unavailable
126Lecture-126 Profit Maximization for the MonopolistPDF unavailable
127Lecture-127 Inverse Elasticity Pricing RulePDF unavailable
128Lecture-128 Profit Maximization for the Monopolist through Graph PDF unavailable
129Lecture-129 No Supply Function for MonopolyPDF unavailable
130Lecture-130 Monopoly: Comparative Statics PDF unavailable
131Lecture-131 Imposition of the Tax on the Monopolist PDF unavailable
132Lecture-133 Price DiscriminationPDF unavailable
133Lecture-134 Monopoly: ExamplePDF unavailable
134Lecture-135 Responses from Policy MakersPDF unavailable
135Lecture-136 Introduction to OligopolyPDF unavailable
136Lecture-137 Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
137Lecture-138 Cournot Model of DuopolyPDF unavailable
138Lecture-139 Stackelberg Model of DuopolyPDF unavailable
139Lecture-140 Bertrand Model of DuopolyPDF unavailable
140Lecture-141 Market Environment: Comparison TablePDF unavailable

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3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
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6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available