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INTRODUCTIONLecture 1pdf of lecture 1165 kb
INTRODUCTIONLecture 2pdf of lecture 2262 kb
THEORETICAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONLecture 3pdf of lecture 3355 kb
THEORETICAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONLecture 4pdf of lecture 4652 kb
THEORETICAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONLecture 5pdf of lecture 5345 kb
THEORETICAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONLecture 6pdf of lecture 6230 kb
THEORETICAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONLecture 7pdf of lecture 7159 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 8pdf of lecture 8239 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 9pdf of lecture 9387 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 10pdf of lecture 10324 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 11pdf of lecture 11228 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 12pdf of lecture 12307 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 13pdf of lecture 13384 kb
EXTERNALITIESLecture 14pdf of lecture 14205 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 15pdf of lecture 15233 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 16pdf of lecture 16345 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 17pdf of lecture 17149 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 18pdf of lecture 18359 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 19pdf of lecture 19357 kb
PUBLIC GOODSLecture 20pdf of lecture 20237 kb
DIFFICULTIES IN PUBLIC GOODS PROVISIONLecture 21pdf of lecture 21221 kb
DIFFICULTIES IN PUBLIC GOODS PROVISIONLecture 22pdf of lecture 22199 kb
DIFFICULTIES IN PUBLIC GOODS PROVISIONLecture 23pdf of lecture 23248 kb
EMPIRICAL TOOLSLecture 24pdf of lecture 24179 kb
EMPIRICAL TOOLSLecture 25pdf of lecture 25275 kb
EMPIRICAL TOOLSLecture 26pdf of lecture 26389 kb
EMPIRICAL TOOLSLecture 27pdf of lecture 27314 kb
TAXATIONLecture 28pdf of lecture 28175 kb
TAXATIONLecture 29pdf of lecture 29137 kb
TAXATIONLecture 30pdf of lecture 30306 kb
TAX BURDENLecture 31pdf of lecture 31282 kb
TAX BURDENLecture 32pdf of lecture 32308 kb
TAX INCIDENCELecture 33pdf of lecture 33231 kb
OPTIMAL TAXATIONLecture 34pdf of lecture 34349 kb
OPTIMAL TAXATIONLecture 35pdf of lecture 35147 kb
OPTIMAL TAXATIONLecture 36pdf of lecture 36443 kb
OPTIMAL TAXATIONLecture 37pdf of lecture 37305 kb
TAXATION-APPLICATION & EXTERNALITIESLecture 38pdf of lecture 38248 kb
TAXATION-APPLICATION & EXTERNALITIESLecture 39pdf of lecture 39304 kb
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ASSIGNMENTReferencespdf of References63 kb