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Introduction to the Practice of Translationlecture1.pdfPDF of lecture 1394 kb
Introduction to the Practice of Translationlecture2.pdfPDF of lecture 2278 kb
Introduction to Translation Studies as a disciplinelecture3.pdfPDF of lecture 3215 kb
Introduction to Translation Studies as a disciplinelecture4.pdfPDF of lecture 4249 kb
Introduction to Translation Studies as a disciplinelecture5.pdfPDF of lecture 5300 kb
Central Issues in Translationlecture6.pdfPDF of lecture 6179 kb
Central Issues in Translationlecture7.pdfPDF of lecture 7324 kb
Central Issues in Translationlecture8.pdfPDF of lecture 8417 kb
Theories of translationlecture9.pdfPDF of lecture 9232 kb
Theories of translationlecture10.pdfPDF of lecture 10483 kb
Theories of translationlecture11.pdfPDF of lecture 11295 kb
Theories of translationlecture12.pdfPDF of lecture 12223 kb
Theories of translationlecture13.pdfPDF of lecture 13197 kb
Theories of translationlecture14.pdfPDF of lecture 14246 kb
Postcolonial Translationlecture15.pdfPDF of lecture 15188 kb
Postcolonial Translationlecture16.pdfPDF of lecture 16201 kb
Postcolonial Translationlecture17.pdfPDF of lecture 17264 kb
Postcolonial Translationlecture18.pdfPDF of lecture 18226 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture19.pdfPDF of lecture 19259 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture20.pdfPDF of lecture 20283 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture21.pdfPDF of lecture 21287 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture22.pdfPDF of lecture 22183 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture23.pdfPDF of lecture 23240 kb
Cultural turn in translationlecture24.pdfPDF of lecture 24240 kb
Role of the Translatorlecture25.pdfPDF of lecture 25271 kb
Role of the Translatorlecture26.pdfPDF of lecture 26368 kb
Role of the Translatorlecture27.pdfPDF of lecture 27293 kb
Categories of translationlecture28.pdfPDF of lecture 28268 kb
Categories of translationlecture29.pdfPDF of lecture 29291 kb
Categories of translationlecture30.pdfPDF of lecture 30306 kb
Translating Religious Textslecture31.pdfPDF of lecture 31305 kb
Translating Religious Textslecture32.pdfPDF of lecture 32171 kb
Translating Religious Textslecture33.pdfPDF of lecture 33565 kb
Translating Religious Textslecture34.pdfPDF of lecture 34283 kb
Translation Todaylecture35.pdfPDF of lecture 35330 kb
Translation Todaylecture36.pdfPDF of lecture 36378 kb
Translation Todaylecture37.pdfPDF of lecture 37744 kb
Translation Todaylecture38.pdfPDF of lecture 38304 kb
Future of translationlecture39.pdfPDF of lecture 39366 kb
Future of translationlecture40.pdfPDF of lecture 40272 kb
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Introduction to the Practice of TranslationAssignment.pdfAssignment of course81 kb
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Introduction to the Practice of TranslationReferences.pdfReferences of course98 kb