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1Definition of Game Theory and Rational ChoiceDownload
2Interacting Decision Makers Download
3Strategic Games : ExamplesDownload
4Matching Pennies, Stag Hunt and Nash EquilibriumDownload
5Examples of Nash EquilibriumDownload
6Altruism and Prisonerís DilemmaDownload
7Variants Stag Hunt Game, Hawk Dove and Coordination Game Download
8Public Good Provision, Strict Nash EquilibriumDownload
9Best Response FunctionsDownload
10Strictly and Weakly Dominated ActionDownload
11Application of Weak Domination: VotingDownload
12Symmetric Games and Symmetric EquilibriumDownload
13Cournot Model of OligopolyDownload
14Different Aspects of Cournot ModelDownload
15Further Aspects of Cournot ModelDownload
16Cournot & Bertrand ModelsDownload
17Different Aspects of Bertrand ModelDownload
18Electoral Competition 1Download
19Different Aspects of Hotelling ModelDownload
20Hotelling Model:Concluding RemarksDownload
21War of AttritionDownload
22Second Price Sealed Bid AuctionDownload
23Further Aspects of Second Price AuctionDownload
24First Price AuctionDownload
25All Pay Auction, Multi Unit AuctionDownload
26Accident LawsDownload
27Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium: IntroductionDownload
28Mixed Strategy, Mixed Strategy EquilibriumDownload
29Mixed Strategy Equilibrium: Concept and ExamplesDownload
30Characterisation of Mixed Strategy EquilibriumDownload
31Dominated Actions and Iterated EliminationDownload
32Rationalisability and BeliefsDownload
33Extensive Games: IntroductionDownload
34Strategy and EquilibriumDownload
35Nash Equilibrium and Its ProblemsDownload
36Subgame Perfect Nash EquilibriumDownload
37Backward InductionDownload
38Backward Induction: ExercisesDownload
39Ultimatum GameDownload
40Stackelberg Duopoly Model Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Definition of Game Theory and Rational ChoicePDF unavailable
2Interacting Decision Makers PDF unavailable
3Strategic Games : ExamplesPDF unavailable
4Matching Pennies, Stag Hunt and Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
5Examples of Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
6Altruism and Prisonerís DilemmaPDF unavailable
7Variants Stag Hunt Game, Hawk Dove and Coordination Game PDF unavailable
8Public Good Provision, Strict Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
9Best Response FunctionsPDF unavailable
10Strictly and Weakly Dominated ActionPDF unavailable
11Application of Weak Domination: VotingPDF unavailable
12Symmetric Games and Symmetric EquilibriumPDF unavailable
13Cournot Model of OligopolyPDF unavailable
14Different Aspects of Cournot ModelPDF unavailable
15Further Aspects of Cournot ModelPDF unavailable
16Cournot & Bertrand ModelsPDF unavailable
17Different Aspects of Bertrand ModelPDF unavailable
18Electoral Competition 1PDF unavailable
19Different Aspects of Hotelling ModelPDF unavailable
20Hotelling Model:Concluding RemarksPDF unavailable
21War of AttritionPDF unavailable
22Second Price Sealed Bid AuctionPDF unavailable
23Further Aspects of Second Price AuctionPDF unavailable
24First Price AuctionPDF unavailable
25All Pay Auction, Multi Unit AuctionPDF unavailable
26Accident LawsPDF unavailable
27Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium: IntroductionPDF unavailable
28Mixed Strategy, Mixed Strategy EquilibriumPDF unavailable
29Mixed Strategy Equilibrium: Concept and ExamplesPDF unavailable
30Characterisation of Mixed Strategy EquilibriumPDF unavailable
31Dominated Actions and Iterated EliminationPDF unavailable
32Rationalisability and BeliefsPDF unavailable
33Extensive Games: IntroductionPDF unavailable
34Strategy and EquilibriumPDF unavailable
35Nash Equilibrium and Its ProblemsPDF unavailable
36Subgame Perfect Nash EquilibriumPDF unavailable
37Backward InductionPDF unavailable
38Backward Induction: ExercisesPDF unavailable
39Ultimatum GamePDF unavailable
40Stackelberg Duopoly Model PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available