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1Photonic integrated circuits course introductionDownload
2Wave optics reviewDownload
3Electromagnetic theory review 1Download
4Electromagnetic theory review 2Download
5Photonic integrated circuits: an introductionDownload
6Photonic integrated circuits evolutionDownload
7Photonic integrated circuit components 1Download
8Photonic integrated circuit components 2Download
10Phase velocity and Group velocityDownload
11Anisotropic medium and reciprocityDownload
12Polarisation in anisotropic mediumDownload
13Optical axesDownload
14Waveguide structureDownload
15Waveguide modes 1Download
16Waveguide modes 2Download
17Field EquationDownload
18Guided modes in symmetric
slab waveguidesDownload
19Waveguide design-boundary value formulationDownload
20Waveguide design-BVP solutionDownload
21Waveguide design-perturbation approachDownload
22Waveguide design Effective Index methodDownload
23Coupled mode theory 1Download
24Coupled mode theory 1 .Download
25Two-mode coupling Download
26Co and counter propagating mode coupling Download
27Phase matchingDownload
28Directional couplerDownload
30Multi-Mode Interference couplerDownload
32Micro-Ring ResonatorsDownload
33Light-chip couplingDownload
34End-fire couplingDownload
35Light Modulator introductionDownload
36Electro-Optic effectDownload
37Waveguide modulatorDownload
38Optical transition in semiconductorsDownload
39Transition ratesDownload
40Absorption and gain in semiconductorsDownload
41Semiconductor Light Emitting DiodesDownload
42Semiconductor Light Emitting Diodes cont.Download
43Semiconductor LasersDownload
44Semiconductor photodetectorDownload
45Semiconductor photodetector noiseDownload
46Fabrication process-1Download
47Fabrication process-2Download
48PIC technology-Building a simple circuitDownload
49PIC for communicationDownload
50PIC for sensing- 1Download
51PIC for sensing- 2Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Photonic integrated circuits course introductionPDF unavailable
2Wave optics reviewPDF unavailable
3Electromagnetic theory review 1PDF unavailable
4Electromagnetic theory review 2PDF unavailable
5Photonic integrated circuits: an introductionPDF unavailable
6Photonic integrated circuits evolutionPDF unavailable
7Photonic integrated circuit components 1PDF unavailable
8Photonic integrated circuit components 2PDF unavailable
9DispersionPDF unavailable
10Phase velocity and Group velocityPDF unavailable
11Anisotropic medium and reciprocityPDF unavailable
12Polarisation in anisotropic mediumPDF unavailable
13Optical axesPDF unavailable
14Waveguide structurePDF unavailable
15Waveguide modes 1PDF unavailable
16Waveguide modes 2PDF unavailable
17Field EquationPDF unavailable
18Guided modes in symmetric
slab waveguidesPDF unavailable
19Waveguide design-boundary value formulationPDF unavailable
20Waveguide design-BVP solutionPDF unavailable
21Waveguide design-perturbation approachPDF unavailable
22Waveguide design Effective Index methodPDF unavailable
23Coupled mode theory 1PDF unavailable
24Coupled mode theory 1 .PDF unavailable
25Two-mode coupling PDF unavailable
26Co and counter propagating mode coupling PDF unavailable
27Phase matchingPDF unavailable
28Directional couplerPDF unavailable
29Y-splitterPDF unavailable
30Multi-Mode Interference couplerPDF unavailable
31MZIPDF unavailable
32Micro-Ring ResonatorsPDF unavailable
33Light-chip couplingPDF unavailable
34End-fire couplingPDF unavailable
35Light Modulator introductionPDF unavailable
36Electro-Optic effectPDF unavailable
37Waveguide modulatorPDF unavailable
38Optical transition in semiconductorsPDF unavailable
39Transition ratesPDF unavailable
40Absorption and gain in semiconductorsPDF unavailable
41Semiconductor Light Emitting DiodesPDF unavailable
42Semiconductor Light Emitting Diodes cont.PDF unavailable
43Semiconductor LasersPDF unavailable
44Semiconductor photodetectorPDF unavailable
45Semiconductor photodetector noisePDF unavailable
46Fabrication process-1PDF unavailable
47Fabrication process-2PDF unavailable
48PIC technology-Building a simple circuitPDF unavailable
49PIC for communicationPDF unavailable
50PIC for sensing- 1PDF unavailable
51PIC for sensing- 2PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available