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1Introduction to electronics productsDownloadPDF unavailable
2examples from real life: Parts to systemDownloadPDF unavailable
3common Simulation of flat prismatic partsDownloadPDF unavailable
4common flat parts enclosuresDownloadPDF unavailable
5real life parts to scale on a graphDownloadPDF unavailable
6early First stepsDownloadPDF unavailable
7top down, outside to internalsDownloadPDF unavailable
8using a print and fabrication videoDownloadPDF unavailable
9details of displays and keysDownloadPDF unavailable
10improvement on marking and skillDownloadPDF unavailable
11Mass production in sheet metalDownloadPDF unavailable
12Prototyping of user interfaces for conceptsDownloadPDF unavailable
13Stacking of equipment to make a systemDownloadPDF unavailable
14Recapitualising a sub systemDownloadPDF unavailable
15Off the shelf enclosures and making a user interfaceDownloadPDF unavailable
16looking around for concepts and integrationDownloadPDF unavailable
17representation on paperDownloadPDF unavailable
18example features of surfaces and solidsDownloadPDF unavailable
19simple and curved surfacesDownloadPDF unavailable
20describing inclined surfacesDownloadPDF unavailable