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Switched mode power conversion OverviewLecture1Lecture Notes4071 kb
Power semiconductor switchesLecture2Lecture Notes247 kb
Power semiconductor switchesLecture3Lecture Notes247 kb
Prior artLecture4Lecture Notes311 kb
Reactive componentsLecture5Lecture Notes161 kb
Reactive componentsLecture6Lecture Notes207 kb
Reactive componentsLecture7Lecture Notes135 kb
Reactive componentsLecture8Lecture Notes49 kb
Reactive componentsLecture9Lecture Notes477 kb
Reactive componentsLecture10Lecture Notes477 kb
Non-isolated convertersLecture11Lecture Notes161 kb
Non-isolated convertersLecture12Lecture Notes185 kb
Non-isolated convertersLecture13Lecture Notes318 kb
Isolated convertersLecture14Lecture Notes250 kb
Isolated convertersLecture15Lecture Notes307 kb
CCM and DCM operation of convertersLecture16Lecture Notes189 kb
CCM and DCM operation of convertersLecture17Lecture Notes263 kb
CCM and DCM operation of convertersLecture18Lecture Notes263 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture19Lecture Notes213 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture20Lecture Notes225 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture21Lecture Notes203 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture22Lecture Notes263 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture23Lecture Notes488 kb
Modeling of convertersLecture24Lecture Notes488 kb
Controller basicsLecture25Lecture Notes85 kb
Controller basicsLecture26Lecture Notes229 kb
Controller basicsLecture27Lecture Notes258 kb
Controller basicsLecture28Lecture Notes258 kb
Controller basicsLecture29Lecture Notes148 kb
Controller basicsLecture30Lecture Notes94 kb
Pulse width modulationLecture31Lecture Notes210 kb
Controller design principlesLecture32Lecture Notes179 kb
Controller design principlesLecture33Lecture Notes180 kb
Common practical control applicationsLecture34Lecture Notes198 kb
Common practical control applicationsLecture35Lecture Notes219 kb
Common practical control applicationsLecture36Lecture Notes179 kb
Common practical control applicationsLecture37Lecture Notes226 kb
Common practical control applicationsLecture38Lecture Notes142 kb
Basics on design of magneticsLecture39Lecture Notes312 kb
Design examplesLecture40Lecture Notes413 kb
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1Introduction to DC-DC converter PDF unavailable
2DiodePDF unavailable
3Controlled SwitchesPDF unavailable
4Prior ArtPDF unavailable
5InductorPDF unavailable
6TransformerPDF unavailable
7CapacitorPDF unavailable
8Issues related to switchesPDF unavailable
9Energy storage - CapacitorPDF unavailable
10Energy storage InductorPDF unavailable
11Primitive ConverterPDF unavailable
12Non-Isolated converter - IPDF unavailable
13Non-Isolated converter IIPDF unavailable
14Isolated Converters - IPDF unavailable
15Isolated Converters IIPDF unavailable
16Conduction ModePDF unavailable
17Problem set - IPDF unavailable
18Problem set IIPDF unavailable
19Modeling DC-DC convertersPDF unavailable
20State space representation - IPDF unavailable
21State Space representation - IIPDF unavailable
22Circuit Averaging - IPDF unavailable
23Circuit Averaging - IIPDF unavailable
24State Space Model of Boost ConverterPDF unavailable
25DC-DC converter controllerPDF unavailable
26Controller StructurePDF unavailable
27PID Controller - IPDF unavailable
28PID Controller - IIPDF unavailable
29PID Controller - IIIPDF unavailable
30Implementation of PID controllerPDF unavailable
31Pulse Width ModulatorPDF unavailable
32Controller Design - IPDF unavailable
33Controller Design IIPDF unavailable
34Controllers and Sensing CircuitPDF unavailable
35Regulation of Multiple outputs - IPDF unavailable
36Regulation of Multiple outputs - IIPDF unavailable
37Current ControlPDF unavailable
38Unity Power Factor ConverterPDF unavailable
39Magnetic DesignPDF unavailable
40DC-DC Converter DesignPDF unavailable

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