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1Modeling of Power System ComponentsDownload
2Modeling of Power System Components (Contd.)Download
3Bus Admittance MatrixDownload
4Bus Admittance Matrix with Mutual ImpedanceDownload
5Bus Admittance Matrix with mutual impedance (Contd.)Download
6Power flow equations and classification of busesDownload
7Basic Gauss - Seidel Numerical MethodDownload
8Gauss - Seidel Load Flow (GSLF) Download
9GSLF with Multiple GeneratorsDownload
10Example of GSLFDownload
11Basics of Newton Raphson Numerical MethodDownload
12Newton - Raphson Load Flow (NRLF) in Polar Co-OrdinateDownload
13NRLF in polar co-ordinate (contd.)Download
14NRLF in polar co-ordinate (contd..)Download
15NRLF (Polar) Algorithm and ExampleDownload
16NRLF in rectangular coordinateDownload
17NRLF in rectangular coordinate (Contd.)Download
18NRLF in rectangular coordinate (Contd..)Download
19Example of NRLF (Rectangular) Method Download
20Fast decoupled load flow (FDLF)Download
21FDLF (Contd.)Download
22FDLF (Contd..)Download
23AC- DC Load FlowDownload
24AC- DC Load Flow..Download
25AC- DC Load Flow (Contd.)Download
26Sparsity and Gaussian EliminationDownload
27Gaussian Elimination MethodDownload
28Example of Gaussian Elimination MethodDownload
29Gaussian Elimination and Optimal OrderingDownload
30Triangular FactorizationDownload
31LU DecompositionDownload
32Introduction to Contingency AnalysisDownload
33Linear Sensitivity FactorDownload
34Linear Sensitivity Factors (Contd.)Download
35Line outage sensitivity factorDownload
36Line outage sensitivity factor (Contd.)Download
37Line outage sensitivity factor (Contd..) Download
38State Estimation TechniqueDownload
39Weighted Least Square (WLS) MethodDownload
40WLS (Contd.)Download
41WLS ExamplesDownload
42Error AnalysisDownload
43Error Analysis (cont.)Download
44Bad Data DetectionDownload
45Power system state estimationDownload
46Power system state estimation (Contd.)Download
47Power system state estimation (Contd..) Download
48Power system state estimation (Contd...) Download
49Fault AnalysisDownload
50Fault Analysis (Contd.) Download
51Fault Analysis (Contd..) Download
52Fault Analysis (Contd...)Download
53Fault Analysis (Contd....)Download
54Fault Analysis (Contd.....)Download
55Fault Analysis (Contd......) Download
56Fault Analysis (Contd.......)Download
57Fault Analysis (Contd........)Download
58Fault Analysis (Contd.........)Download
59Fault Analysis (Contd..........)Download
60Fault Analysis (Contd...........)Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Modeling of Power System ComponentsPDF unavailable
2Modeling of Power System Components (Contd.)PDF unavailable
3Bus Admittance MatrixPDF unavailable
4Bus Admittance Matrix with Mutual ImpedancePDF unavailable
5Bus Admittance Matrix with mutual impedance (Contd.)PDF unavailable
6Power flow equations and classification of busesPDF unavailable
7Basic Gauss - Seidel Numerical MethodPDF unavailable
8Gauss - Seidel Load Flow (GSLF) PDF unavailable
9GSLF with Multiple GeneratorsPDF unavailable
10Example of GSLFPDF unavailable
11Basics of Newton Raphson Numerical MethodPDF unavailable
12Newton - Raphson Load Flow (NRLF) in Polar Co-OrdinatePDF unavailable
13NRLF in polar co-ordinate (contd.)PDF unavailable
14NRLF in polar co-ordinate (contd..)PDF unavailable
15NRLF (Polar) Algorithm and ExamplePDF unavailable
16NRLF in rectangular coordinatePDF unavailable
17NRLF in rectangular coordinate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
18NRLF in rectangular coordinate (Contd..)PDF unavailable
19Example of NRLF (Rectangular) Method PDF unavailable
20Fast decoupled load flow (FDLF)PDF unavailable
21FDLF (Contd.)PDF unavailable
22FDLF (Contd..)PDF unavailable
23AC- DC Load FlowPDF unavailable
24AC- DC Load Flow..PDF unavailable
25AC- DC Load Flow (Contd.)PDF unavailable
26Sparsity and Gaussian EliminationPDF unavailable
27Gaussian Elimination MethodPDF unavailable
28Example of Gaussian Elimination MethodPDF unavailable
29Gaussian Elimination and Optimal OrderingPDF unavailable
30Triangular FactorizationPDF unavailable
31LU DecompositionPDF unavailable
32Introduction to Contingency AnalysisPDF unavailable
33Linear Sensitivity FactorPDF unavailable
34Linear Sensitivity Factors (Contd.)PDF unavailable
35Line outage sensitivity factorPDF unavailable
36Line outage sensitivity factor (Contd.)PDF unavailable
37Line outage sensitivity factor (Contd..) PDF unavailable
38State Estimation TechniquePDF unavailable
39Weighted Least Square (WLS) MethodPDF unavailable
40WLS (Contd.)PDF unavailable
41WLS ExamplesPDF unavailable
42Error AnalysisPDF unavailable
43Error Analysis (cont.)PDF unavailable
44Bad Data DetectionPDF unavailable
45Power system state estimationPDF unavailable
46Power system state estimation (Contd.)PDF unavailable
47Power system state estimation (Contd..) PDF unavailable
48Power system state estimation (Contd...) PDF unavailable
49Fault AnalysisPDF unavailable
50Fault Analysis (Contd.) PDF unavailable
51Fault Analysis (Contd..) PDF unavailable
52Fault Analysis (Contd...)PDF unavailable
53Fault Analysis (Contd....)PDF unavailable
54Fault Analysis (Contd.....)PDF unavailable
55Fault Analysis (Contd......) PDF unavailable
56Fault Analysis (Contd.......)PDF unavailable
57Fault Analysis (Contd........)PDF unavailable
58Fault Analysis (Contd.........)PDF unavailable
59Fault Analysis (Contd..........)PDF unavailable
60Fault Analysis (Contd...........)PDF unavailable

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