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1Response and state-space solution of Linear systems Download
2Solution of LTV systemsDownload
3Solution of LTI systemsDownload
4Equivalent State EquationsDownload
5Realization of LTI and LTV SystemsDownload
7Introduction to Stability AnalysisDownload
8Lyapunov Stability (Part-I)Download
9Lyapunov Stability (Part-II)Download
10Proof of lyapunov stability theoremDownload
11BIBO vs Lyapunov StabilityDownload
12BIBO vs Lyapunov Stability Download
14Introduction to ControllabilityDownload
15Reachability and Controllability GramiansDownload
16Controllability MatrixDownload
17Discrete-time Reachability and Controllability GramiansDownload
18Tests for controllability-IDownload
19Tests for controllability-IIDownload
21Tests for controllability-IIIDownload
22Tests for controllability-IVDownload
23Controllable Decomposition-IDownload
24Stabilizable SystemsDownload
25Tests for StabilizabilityDownload
27State Feeback- IDownload
28State Feeback-IIDownload
29Lyapunov Method of State Feedback DesignDownload
30Regulation and TrackingDownload

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1Response and state-space solution of Linear systems PDF unavailable
2Solution of LTV systemsPDF unavailable
3Solution of LTI systemsPDF unavailable
4Equivalent State EquationsPDF unavailable
5Realization of LTI and LTV SystemsPDF unavailable
6Tutorial-1PDF unavailable
7Introduction to Stability AnalysisPDF unavailable
8Lyapunov Stability (Part-I)PDF unavailable
9Lyapunov Stability (Part-II)PDF unavailable
10Proof of lyapunov stability theoremPDF unavailable
11BIBO vs Lyapunov StabilityPDF unavailable
12BIBO vs Lyapunov Stability PDF unavailable
13Tutorial-2PDF unavailable
14Introduction to ControllabilityPDF unavailable
15Reachability and Controllability GramiansPDF unavailable
16Controllability MatrixPDF unavailable
17Discrete-time Reachability and Controllability GramiansPDF unavailable
18Tests for controllability-IPDF unavailable
19Tests for controllability-IIPDF unavailable
20Tutorial-3PDF unavailable
21Tests for controllability-IIIPDF unavailable
22Tests for controllability-IVPDF unavailable
23Controllable Decomposition-IPDF unavailable
24Stabilizable SystemsPDF unavailable
25Tests for StabilizabilityPDF unavailable
26Tutorial-4PDF unavailable
27State Feeback- IPDF unavailable
28State Feeback-IIPDF unavailable
29Lyapunov Method of State Feedback DesignPDF unavailable
30Regulation and TrackingPDF unavailable
31Tutorial-5PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available