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Week 0matlab code & Base matricesMatlab code117.8Kb kb

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1click on Assignments --> Self Evaluation PDF unavailable
2Additive White Gaussian Noise(AWGN) Channel and BPSKPDF unavailable
3Bit Error Rate (BER) and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)PDF unavailable
4Error Correction Coding in a Digital Communication SystemPDF unavailable
5Complementary Error FunctionPDF unavailable
6Simulation of Uncoded BPSK and BER v/s Eb/N0 plot Generation in MATLAB/OctavePDF unavailable
7n = 3 Repetition CodePDF unavailable
8Implementation of n = 3 Repetition Code in MATLABPDF unavailable
9(7,4) Hamming CodePDF unavailable
10A Brief Introduction to Linear Block CodesPDF unavailable
11Simulation of (7,4) Hamming Code in MATLABPDF unavailable
12Low Density Parity Check Codes: definition, properties and introduction to protograph constructionPDF unavailable
13LDPC Codes in 5G: protograph, base matrix, expansionPDF unavailable
14Encoding LDPC codes in 5GPDF unavailable
15MATLAB programs for encoding LDPC codesPDF unavailable
16Log-Likelihood Ratio and Soft Input and Soft Output (SISO) Decoder for the Repetition Code PDF unavailable
17Soft Input and Soft Output (SISO) Decoder for the Single Parity Check(SPC) CodePDF unavailable
18Illustration of SISO decoder for (3,2) SPC code and min-sum approximationPDF unavailable
19SISO decoder for a general (n,n-1) SPC codePDF unavailable
20Soft-Input Soft-Output Iterative Message Passing Decoder for LDPC Codes PDF unavailable
21A Toy Example Illustration of the SISO MInsum Iterative Message Passing DecoderPDF unavailable
22Modifications to the Decoder: Layered Decoding and OffsetPDF unavailable
23Implementation of SISO Layered Minsum Iterative Message Passing Decoder in MATLABPDF unavailable
24Debugging and Improvements to the MATLAB ImplementationPDF unavailable
25Rate Matching in LDPC Codes using Puncturing and ShorteningPDF unavailable
26Implementation of Fixed Point Quantization and Offset Minsum in the DecoderPDF unavailable
27Introduction to Polar Codes: Polar TransformPDF unavailable
28Channel Polarization, Definition of (N,K) Polar Code and EncodingPDF unavailable
29MATLAB Implementation for Encoding Polar CodesPDF unavailable
30Successive Cancellation(SC) Decoder for Polar Codes: Illustration of its Building Blocks with N=2,4PDF unavailable
31Successive Cancellation(SC) Decoder for a General (N,K) Polar CodePDF unavailable
32MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation Decoder: Part 1PDF unavailable
33MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation Decoder: Part 2PDF unavailable
34Successive Cancellation List DecodingPDF unavailable
35Fixed Point Quantization for SC Decoder and LDPC DecoderPDF unavailable
36MATLAB Implementation of Successive Cancellation List DecodingPDF unavailable
37Rate Matching for LDPC codesPDF unavailable
38Performance Comparison of LDPC codes and Polar Codes in 5GPDF unavailable

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