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Week 1 lecturesWeek 1:Assignment solutionWeek 1:Assignment solution256 kb
Week 2 lecturesWeek 2:Assignment questionWeek 2:Assignment question283 kb
Week 2 lecturesWeek 2:Assignment solutionWeek 2:Assignment solution312 kb
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Week 6 lecturesWeek 6:Assignment questionWeek 6:Assignment question570 kb
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Week 7 lecturesWeek 7:Assignment questionWeek 7:Assignment question333 kb
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Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to Applied ElecromagneticsPDF unavailable
2Introduction to Transmission linesPDF unavailable
3Sinusoidal waves on Transmission linesPDF unavailable
4Terminating T-lines: Reflection and Transmission coefficientPDF unavailable
5Circuit parameters of a T-linePDF unavailable
6Lossy Transmission lines and primary constantsPDF unavailable
7When to apply T-line Theory?PDF unavailable
8Standing Waves on T-linesPDF unavailable
9Lumped equivalent circuits of T-linesPDF unavailable
10Impedance transformation and power flow on T-linesPDF unavailable
11Graphical aid: Smith Chart DerivationPDF unavailable
12Smith chart applicationsPDF unavailable
13Further applications of Smith chart-Part 1PDF unavailable
14Further applications of Smith chart-Part 2PDF unavailable
15Impedance matching techniques: Part 1 PDF unavailable
16Impedance matching techniques: Part 2 PDF unavailable
17Impedance matching techniques: Part 3PDF unavailable
18T-lines in time domain: Lattice diagramsPDF unavailable
19Further examples of use of lattice diagramsPDF unavailable
20High-speed digital signal propagation on T-lines PDF unavailable
21Transient analysis with reactive termination and Time-domain reflectometryPDF unavailable
22Fault detection using TDRPDF unavailable
23Why Electromagnetics?PDF unavailable
24Rectangular coordinate systemsPDF unavailable
25Cylindrical coordinate systemsPDF unavailable
26Review of vector fields and GradientPDF unavailable
27Divergence, Curl, and Laplacian operationsPDF unavailable
28Towards Maxwells equations-Part 1PDF unavailable
29Towards Maxwells equations-Part 2PDF unavailable
30Faradays lawPDF unavailable
31Completing Maxwells equations and Boundary conditionsPDF unavailable
32Boundary conditions for Electromagnetic fieldsPDF unavailable
33Electrostatics -I: Laplace and Poissons equationsPDF unavailable
34Electrostatics -II: Solving Laplaces equation in 1DPDF unavailable
35Electrostatics -III: Solving Laplaces equation in 2DPDF unavailable
36Electrostatics -IV. Finite Difference method for solving Laplaces equationPDF unavailable
37Magnetostatic fields -I: Biot-Savart LawPDF unavailable
38Magnetostatic fields -II: Calculation of magnetic fieldsPDF unavailable
39Inductance calculationsPDF unavailable
40From Maxwells equations to uniform plane wavesPDF unavailable
41Plane wave propagation in lossless dielectric mediaPDF unavailable
42Polarization of plane wavesPDF unavailable
43Can an Ideal capacitor exist? PDF unavailable
44Skin effect in conductorsPDF unavailable
45Skin effect in round wiresPDF unavailable
46Finite difference method PDF unavailable
47Reflection of uniform plane wavesPDF unavailable
48Application: Reflection from multiple media and anti-reflection coating.PDF unavailable
49Oblique incidence of plane wavesPDF unavailable
50Total internal reflectionPDF unavailable
51Application: Matrix analysis of reflection from multiple boundariesPDF unavailable
52Application: Fabry-Perot cavity and Multi-layer films PDF unavailable
53Introduction to waveguidesPDF unavailable
54Rectangular waveguidesPDF unavailable
55Attenuation and Dispersion in rectangular waveguides PDF unavailable
56Planar optical waveguidesPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available