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Module1Assignment 1Assignment 1 Solutions854 kb
Module1Assignment 1Assignment 1 Questions306 kb
Module2Assignment 2Assignment 2 Solutions514 kb
Module2Assignment 2Assignment 2 Questions235 kb
Module3Assignment 3Assignment 3 Solutions383 kb
Module3Assignment 3Assignment3 Questions462 kb
Module4Assignment 4Assignment 4 Solutions460 kb
Module4Assignment 4Assignment 4 Questions411 kb
Module5Assignment 5Assignment 5 Solutions458 kb
Module5Assignment 5Assignment 5 Questions403 kb
Module6Assignment 6Assignment 6 Solutions309 kb
Module6Assignment 6Assignment 6 Questions414 kb
Module7Assignment 7Assignment 7 Solutions442 kb
Module7Assignment 7Assignment 7 Questions411 kb
Module8Assignment 8Assignment 8 Solutions482 kb
Module8Assignment 8Assignment 8 Questions367 kb
Module9Assignment 9Assignment 9 Solutions297 kb
Module9Assignment 9Assignment 9 Questions369 kb
Module10Assignment 10Assignment 10 Solutions496 kb
Module10Assignment 10Assignment 10 Questions401 kb
Module11Assignment 11Assignment 11 Solutions458 kb
Module11Assignment 11Assignment 11 Questions388 kb
Module12Assignment 12Assignment 12 Questions268 kb
Module12Assignment 12Assignment 12 Solutions355 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to EMTPDF unavailable
2Coulombs lawPDF unavailable
3Vector analysis-I and Introduction to coordinate systemPDF unavailable
4Rectangular coordinate systemPDF unavailable
5Vector analysis-IIPDF unavailable
6Introduction to Electric fieldPDF unavailable
7Electric field-IPDF unavailable
8Cylindrical coordinate systemPDF unavailable
9Transformation & Electric field-II PDF unavailable
10Electric Potential-IPDF unavailable
11Spherical co-ordinate system & Electric potential-IIPDF unavailable
12Vector Analysis-III & Electric potential-IIIPDF unavailable
13Gauss’s law & its application-IPDF unavailable
14Gauss’s law & its application-IIPDF unavailable
15Divergence & Poisson’s & Laplace’s equationPDF unavailable
16Gauss’s law & its application -III PDF unavailable
17Vector analysis –III (curl and its significance)PDF unavailable
18Conductor & dielectric-IPDF unavailable
19Polarization -IPDF unavailable
20Polarization -IIPDF unavailable
21Polarization – II (contd.)PDF unavailable
22Boundary conditionPDF unavailable
23Continuity equation & Conductors - IIIPDF unavailable
24Conductors – IVPDF unavailable
25Conductor – IV (contd.) & Capacitor - IPDF unavailable
26Capacitor - IIPDF unavailable
27Capacitor - II (contd.) & Equipotential Surfaces PDF unavailable
28Solution of Laplace’s equation-IPDF unavailable
29Solution of Laplace’s equation-I I & method of images-IPDF unavailable
30Method of images-IIPDF unavailable
31Solution of Laplace’s equation-IIIPDF unavailable
32Solution of Laplace’s equation-IVPDF unavailable
33Introduction of magnetic fieldPDF unavailable
34Biot savart law & its applicationPDF unavailable
35Biot savart law&its application-IIPDF unavailable
36Magnetic vector potentialPDF unavailable
37Magnetic force ,torque & dipolePDF unavailable
38Magnetic force ,torque & dipole(continued)PDF unavailable
39Magnetic materials-I PDF unavailable
40Magnetic materials-I(contd.)& Magnetic moment PDF unavailable
41Magnetic materials-I(contd) and Boundary condition for Magnetic fieldsPDF unavailable
42Inductor and calculation of inductance for different shapesPDF unavailable
43Inductor and calculation of inductance for different shapes(contd)PDF unavailable
44Faradays law and its application-IPDF unavailable
45Faradays law and its application-IIPDF unavailable
46Displacement currentPDF unavailable
47Maxwell’s equationPDF unavailable
48Wave propagationPDF unavailable
49Solution of Helmholtz equationPDF unavailable
50Uniform plane wavesPDF unavailable
51Polarization & Poynting VectorPDF unavailable
52Wave reflections (Normal incidence)PDF unavailable
53Waves in imperfect dielectrics & Good conductorsPDF unavailable
54Skin depth/effect PDF unavailable
55Oblique incidence of wavesPDF unavailable
56Oblique incidence of waves (contd.)PDF unavailable
57Transmission linePDF unavailable
58Transmission line modelPDF unavailable
59Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-IPDF unavailable
60Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-II PDF unavailable
61Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-II& Smith chartPDF unavailable
62Application of smith chart-IPDF unavailable
63Application of smith chart-IIPDF unavailable
64Impedance matchingPDF unavailable
65 Transients on Transmission line-IPDF unavailable
66Transients on Transmission line-IIPDF unavailable
67Pulse on Transmission linePDF unavailable
68Capacitive termination in Transmission linePDF unavailable
69WaveguidePDF unavailable
70Waveguide AnalysisPDF unavailable
71TM modes in WaveguidePDF unavailable
72Rectangular waveguide: TM modesPDF unavailable
73Rectangular waveguide: TE modesPDF unavailable
74Waveguide: Wavelength, Impedance and power calculation PDF unavailable
75Waveguide lossesPDF unavailable
76Dielectric WaveguidePDF unavailable
77Dielectric Waveguide (contd.)PDF unavailable
78Radiation and AntennaPDF unavailable
79Hertzian Dipole AntennaPDF unavailable
80Hertzian Dipole Antenna (contd.)PDF unavailable
81Quasi-statistics-IPDF unavailable
82Quasi-statistics-IIPDF unavailable
83Long wire AntennaPDF unavailable
84Group velocity & Phase velocityPDF unavailable
85Numerical solution of Laplace\'s equationPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available