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Introduction to Design Paradigmlecture1.pdfpdf of lecture 1392 kb
Introduction to Design Paradigmlecture2.pdfpdf of lecture 2259 kb
Introduction to Design Paradigmlecture3.pdfpdf of lecture3235 kb
Design & Natural Phenomenonlecture4.pdfpdf of lecture4161 kb
Design & Natural Phenomenonlecture5.pdfpdf of lecture5170 kb
Where Does Form Come From?lecture6.pdfpdf of lecture6180 kb
Simple Shape Paradigmlecture7.pdfpdf of lecture7301 kb
Simple Shape Paradigmlecture8.pdfpdf of lecture8150 kb
Simple Shape Paradigmlecture9.pdfpdf of lecture9314 kb
Basic Paradigmslecture10.pdfpdf of lecture10271 kb
Basic Paradigmslecture11.pdfpdf of lecture114390 kb
Basic Paradigmslecture12.pdfpdf of lecture12312 kb
Basic Paradigmslecture13.pdfpdf of lecture13323 kb
Basic Paradigmslecture14.pdfpdf of lecture14279 kb
Bending & Flexinglecture15.pdfpdf of lecture15331 kb
Bending & Flexinglecture16.pdfpdf of lecture161782 kb
Bending & Flexinglecture17.pdfpdf of lecture17252 kb
Bending & Flexinglecture18.pdfpdf of lecture18152 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture19.pdfpdf of lecture19206 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture20.pdfpdf of lecture20277 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture21.pdfpdf of lecture21243 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture22.pdfpdf of lecture22271 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture23.pdfpdf of lecture23230 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture24.pdfpdf of lecture24315 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture25.pdfpdf of lecture25200 kb
Bigger & Smallerlecture26.pdfpdf of lecture2681 kb
Joininglecture27.pdfpdf of lecture27243 kb
Joininglecture28.pdfpdf of lecture28204 kb
Passageslecture29.pdfpdf of lecture29207 kb
Passageslecture30.pdfpdf of lecture30186 kb
Passageslecture31.pdfpdf of lecture31216 kb
Objects within Objectslecture32.pdfpdf of lecture32228 kb
Human Bodylecture33.pdfpdf of lecture33222 kb
Human Bodylecture34.pdfpdf of lecture34312 kb
Design Paradigm in Traditional Formslecture35.pdfpdf of lecture35274 kb
Design Paradigm in Traditional Formslecture36.pdfpdf of lecture36175 kb
Design-Nature Relationshiplecture37.pdfpdf of lecture37281 kb
Design-Nature Relationshiplecture38.pdfpdf of lecture38196 kb
Complex Paradigms in Product Designlecture39.pdfpdf of lecture39195 kb
Complex Paradigms in Product Designlecture40.pdfpdf of lecture40161 kb
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Introduction to Design Paradigmassignment.pdfpdf of assignment129 kb
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Introduction to Design ParadigmReferences.pdfpdf of references158 kb