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Introduction to Operating SystemLecture Notes-Module 1PDF0.574 kb
File Systems and ManagementLecture Notes-Module 2PDF0.167 kb
Process and Process ManagementLecture Notes-Module 3PDF0.486 kb
Memory ManagementLecture Notes-Module 4PDF0.181 kb
Input Output (IO) ManagementLecture Notes-Module 5PDF0.176 kb
Resource Sharing and ManagementLecture Notes-Module 6PDF0.083 kb
Interprocess communicationLecture Notes-Module 7PDF0.136 kb
Real time Operating Systems and MicrokernelsLecture Notes-Module 8PDF103 kb
OS and SecurityLecture Notes-Module 9PDF0.086 kb
Unix PrimerLecture Notes-Module 10PDF0.038 kb
Search and Sort ToolsLecture Notes-Module 11PDF0.046 kb
AWK Tool in UnixLecture Notes-Module 12PDF0.107 kb
Shell Scripts in UNIXLecture Notes-Module 13PDF0.074 kb
Unix Kernel ArchitectureLecture Notes-Module 14PDF0.049 kb
Make Tool In UNIXLecture Notes-Module 15PDF0.04 kb
Some Other Tools in UNIXLecture Notes-Module 16PDF0.044 kb
Source Code Control System in UNIXLecture Notes-Module 17PDF0.091 kb
X Windows in UNIXLecture Notes-Module 18PDF0.046 kb
System Administration in UNIXLecture Notes-Module 19PDF0.125 kb
More on LINUXLecture Notes-Module 20PDF0.383 kb
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Introduction to Operating SystemTeacher Slides-Module 1PPT Slides0.086 kb
Introduction to Operating SystemQuestion Bank-Module 1PDF0.009 kb
File Systems and ManagementTeacher Slides-Module 2PPT Slides0.149 kb
File Systems and ManagementWorked Examples-Module 2PDF0.082 kb
File Systems and ManagementQuestion Bank-Module 2PDF0.01 kb
Process and Process ManagementTeacher Slides-Module 3PPT Slides0.93 kb
Process and Process ManagementWorked Examples-Module 3PDF0.024 kb
Process and Process ManagementQuestion Bank-Module 3PDF0.01 kb
Memory ManagementTeacher Slides-Module 4PPT Slides0.819 kb
Memory ManagementWorked Examples-Module 4PDF0.027 kb
Memory ManagementQuestion Bank-Module 4PDF0.01 kb
Input Output (IO) ManagementTeacher Slides-Module 5PPT Slides0.242 kb
Input Output (IO) ManagementWorked Examples-Module 5PDF0.011 kb
Input Output (IO) ManagementQuestion Bank-Module 5PDF0.008 kb
Resource Sharing and ManagementTeacher Slides-Module 6PPT Slides0.166 kb
Resource Sharing and ManagementWorked Examples-Module 6PDF0.055 kb
Resource Sharing and ManagementQuestion Bank-Module 6PDF0.01 kb
Interprocess communicationTeacher Slides-Module 7PPT Slides0.226 kb
Interprocess communicationWorked Examples-Module 7PDF0.011 kb
Interprocess communicationQuestion Bank-Module 7PDF0.008 kb
Real time Operating Systems and MicrokernelsTeacher Slides-Module 8PPT Slides0.081 kb
Real time Operating Systems and MicrokernelsWorked Examples-Module 8PDF0.018 kb
Real time Operating Systems and MicrokernelsQuestion Bank-Module 8PDF0.008 kb
OS and SecurityTeacher Slides-Module 9PPT Slides0.274 kb
OS and SecurityWorked Examples-Module 9PDF0.008 kb
OS and SecurityQuestion Bank-Module 9PDF0.009 kb
Unix PrimerTeacher Slides-Module 10PPT Slides0.042 kb
Unix PrimerWorked Examples-Module 10PDF0.007 kb
Unix PrimerQuestion Bank-Module 10PDF0.011 kb
Search and Sort ToolsTeacher Slides-Module 11PPT Slides0.061 kb
Search and Sort ToolsWorked Examples-Module 11PDF0.008 kb
Search and Sort ToolsQuestion Bank-Module 11PDF0.008 kb
AWK Tool in UnixTeacher Slides-Module 12PPT Slides0.09 kb
AWK Tool in UnixWorked Examples-Module 12PDF0.008 kb
AWK Tool in UnixQuestion Bank-Module 12PDF0.012 kb
Shell Scripts in UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 13PPT Slides614 kb
Shell Scripts in UNIXWorked Examples-Module 13PDF0.008 kb
Shell Scripts in UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 13PDF0.011 kb
Unix Kernel ArchitectureTeacher Slides-Module 14PPT Slides0.109 kb
Unix Kernel ArchitectureQuestion Bank-Module 14PDF0.008 kb
Make Tool In UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 15PPT Slides0.06 kb
Make Tool In UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 15PDF0.023 kb
Some Other Tools in UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 16PPT Slides0.046 kb
Some Other Tools in UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 16PDF0.008 kb
Source Code Control System in UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 17PPT Slides0.054 kb
Source Code Control System in UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 17PDF0.008 kb
X Windows in UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 18PPT Slides0.043 kb
X Windows in UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 18PDF0.008 kb
System Administration in UNIXTeacher Slides-Module 19PPT Slides0.043 kb
System Administration in UNIXQuestion Bank-Module 19PDF0.009 kb
More on LINUXTeacher Slides-Module 20PPT Slides0.096 kb
More on LINUXQuestion Bank-Module 20PDF0.008 kb
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Introduction to Operating SystemMultiple Choice Questions-Module 1PDF0.01 kb
File Systems and ManagementMultiple Choice Questions-Module 2PDF0.01 kb
Process and Process ManagementMultiple Choice Questions-Module 3PDF0.01 kb
Memory ManagementMultiple Choice Questions-Module 4PDF0.01 kb
Input Output (IO) ManagementMultiple Choice Questions-Module 5PDF0.018 kb
Resource Sharing and ManagementMultiple Choice Questions-Module 6PDF0.012 kb
Interprocess communicationMultiple Choice Questions-Module 7PDF0.013 kb
Real time Operating Systems and MicrokernelsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 8PDF0.011 kb
OS and SecurityMultiple Choice Questions-Module 9PDF0.01 kb
Search and Sort ToolsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 11PDF0.008 kb
X Windows in UNIXMultiple Choice Questions-Module 18PDF0.008 kb
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Introduction to Operating SystemReferencesReferences0.025 kb