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Concepts covered in this lecture : Week 1: C++ subsumes the whole of C. Hence, Programming in C++ needs a good understanding of C. The course assumes that a student is already familiar, if not proficient in C. For completeness, however, we briefly recap C for completeness. We also discuss the coding of a few small problems in C and then we show how the coding gets easier, safer, and often more efficient in C++. The week comprises Modules 01 through 05 presented in Lectures 01 through 07. Lecture 01 - Module 01: Recap of C Module 01 recapitulates the basics of C. It revisits these for completeness and points out how some of these may work differently in C++. The module comprises three Lectures 01, 02, and 03. Lecture 01: presents the first part of Module 01. It revisits and discusses Data Types, Variables, Literals, Operators, Expressions, Statements, and Control Constructs in C.

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