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Introduction to Software EngineeringBasic Issues in Software EngineeringPDF0.085 kb
Introduction to Software EngineeringStructured ProgrammingPDF0.19 kb
Software Life Cycle ModelBasics of Software Life Cycle and Waterfall ModelPDF0.134 kb
Software Life Cycle ModelPrototyping and Spiral Life Cycle ModelsPDF0.191 kb
Requirements Analysis and SpecificationBasic concepts in Requirements Analysis and SpecificationPDF0.126 kb
Requirements Analysis and SpecificationFormal Requirements SpecificationPDF0.133 kb
Requirements Analysis and SpecificationAlgebraic SpecificationPDF0.222 kb
Software Design IssuesBasic Concepts in Software DesignPDF0.057 kb
Software Design IssuesAn Overview of Current Design ApproachesPDF0.196 kb
Function-Oriented Software DesignData Flow DiagramsPDF0.114 kb
Function-Oriented Software DesignDFD Model of a SystemPDF0.3 kb
Function-Oriented Software DesignStructured DesignPDF0.21 kb
Basic Concepts in Object OrientationStructured DesignPDF0.21 kb
Object Modeling using UMLBasic Ideas on UMLPDF0.132 kb
Object Modeling using UMLUse Case ModelPDF0.201 kb
Object Modeling using UMLClass and Interaction DiagramsPDF0.17 kb
Object Modeling using UMLActivity and State Chart DiagramPDF0.258 kb
Object-Oriented Software DevelopmentDesign PatternsPDF0.086 kb
Object-Oriented Software DevelopmentDomain ModelingPDF0.513 kb
User Interface DesignBasic Concepts in User Interface DesignPDF0.181 kb
User Interface DesignTypes of User InterfacesPDF0.273 kb
User Interface DesignComponent-Based GUI DevelopmentPDF0.244 kb
Coding and TestingCode ReviewPDF0.085 kb
Coding and TestingBlack-Box TestingPDF0.075 kb
Coding and TestingWhite-Box TestingPDF0.225 kb
Coding and TestingDebugging, Integration and System TestingPDF0.155 kb
Software Project PlanningProject Planning and Project Estimation TechniquesPDF0.253 kb
Software Project PlanningCOCOMO ModelPDF0.175 kb
Software Project PlanningStaffing Level Estimation and SchedulingPDF0.297 kb
Software Project Monitoring and ControlOrganization and Team StructuresPDF0.161 kb
Software Project Monitoring and ControlRisk Management and Software Configuration ManagementPDF0.156 kb
Software Reliability and Quality ManagementSoftware Reliability IssuesPDF0.105 kb
Software Reliability and Quality ManagementStatistical Testing and Software Quality ManagementPDF0.087 kb
Software Reliability and Quality ManagementISO 9000PDF0.074 kb
Software Reliability and Quality ManagementSEI CMMPDF0.19 kb
Software MaintenanceCharacteristics of Software MaintenancePDF0.211 kb
Computer Aided Software EngineeringBasic Ideas on CASE ToolsPDF0.108 kb
Computer Aided Software EngineeringDifferent Characteristics of CASE ToolsPDF0.134 kb
Software ReuseBasic Ideas on Software ReusePDF0.068 kb
Software ReuseReuse ApproachPDF0.133 kb
Client-Server Software DevelopmentBasic Ideas on Client-Server Software Development and Client-Server ArchitecturePDF0.181 kb
Client-Server Software DevelopmentCORBA and COM/DCOMPDF0.194 kb
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