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1Review of Basic Computer Organization DownloadPDF unavailable
2Perfomance Evaluation Methods DownloadPDF unavailable
3Introduction to RISC Instruction PipelineDownloadPDF unavailable
4Instruction Pipeline & PerformanceDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lec 4: Pipeline HazardsDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lec 5 : Control Hazards & Branch PredictionDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lec 6 : MIPS Pipeline for Multi-Cycle OperationsDownloadPDF unavailable
8Tutorial 2 : Pipeline Hazard AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lec 7: Compiler Techniques to Explore ILPDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lec 8: Dynamic Scheduling to Explore ILPDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lec 9: Dynamic Scheduling with Tomasulo’s AlgorithmDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lec 10: Dynamic Scheduling with Speculative ExecutionDownloadPDF unavailable
13Tutorial 3: Static and Dynamic SchedulingDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lec 11: Advanced Pipelining & Superscalar ProcessorsDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lec 12: Exploiting DLP: Vector & GPU ArchitecturesDownloadPDF unavailable
16Tutorial 4: Architectural Simulation using gem5DownloadPDF unavailable
17Tutorial 5: Core Optimization in gem5DownloadPDF unavailable
18Lec 13: Introduction to Cache MemoryDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lec 14: Block Replacement Techniques & Write StrategyDownloadPDF unavailable
20Tutorial 6: Design Concepts in Cache MemoryDownloadPDF unavailable
21Lec 15: Optimization Techniques in Cache MemoryDownloadPDF unavailable
22Lec 16: Advanced Cache Optimization TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
23 Tutorial 7: Optimization Techniques in Cache MemoryDownloadPDF unavailable
24Tutorial 8: Cache Optimization in gem5DownloadPDF unavailable
25Lec 17: Introduction to DRAM SystemDownloadPDF unavailable
26Lec 18: DRAM Controllers & Address MappingDownloadPDF unavailable
27Lec 19: Secondary Storage SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
28Tutorial 9: Design Concepts in DRAM and HarddiskDownloadPDF unavailable
29Lec 20: Tiled Chip Multicore ProcessorsDownloadPDF unavailable
30Lec 21: Routing Techniques in Network on ChipDownloadPDF unavailable
31Lec 22: NoC Router MicroarchitectureDownloadPDF unavailable
32Lec 23: How to Explore Computer Architecture?DownloadPDF unavailable
33Tutorial 10: TCMP and NoC Design PrinciplesDownloadPDF unavailable