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1Week 0 IntroductionDownloadPDF unavailable
2Analogy for Week 1 CEO's Problem DownloadPDF unavailable
3Week 1: Discussing the CEO's ProblemDownloadPDF unavailable
4Week 1: From the CEO's Company to Layers in a NetworkDownloadPDF unavailable
5Week 1: Layers in DetailDownloadPDF unavailable
6Week 1 Layered Nature of a NetworkDownloadPDF unavailable
7Week 1: Introduction to Internet Data Capturing using WiresharkDownloadPDF unavailable
8Week 1: Network data captured while requesting a websiteDownloadPDF unavailable
9Week 1: What is Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
10Week 1: Modes of Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
11Week 1: Getting Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
12Week 1: Logical and Physical Typologies in Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
13Week 1: Devices on Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
14Week 1: Introduction to the Cisco Packet Tracer Activity for Week 1DownloadPDF unavailable
15Week 1: Introduction to the campus network on Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
16Week 1: Loading the page in Simulation ModeDownloadPDF unavailable
17Week 1: Inspecting the packets in Simulation ModeDownloadPDF unavailable
18Week 1: Editing the dummy website on Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
19Week 1: Summary of the Cisco Packet Tracer ActivityDownloadPDF unavailable
20Week 1: Introduction to Anupam's AdventureDownloadPDF unavailable
21Week 1: Anupam's adventure brings us to IP AddressingDownloadPDF unavailable
22Week 1: Addressing at various layersDownloadPDF unavailable
23Week 1: IP AddressesDownloadPDF unavailable
24Week 1: Address TranslationDownloadPDF unavailable
25Week 1: Introduction to IP AddressingDownloadPDF unavailable
26Week 1: Creating a network with Sub-net maskDownloadPDF unavailable
27Week 1: Nomenclature of a sub-net maskDownloadPDF unavailable
28Week 1: Network addresses and Private networksDownloadPDF unavailable
29Week 1: Introduction to the Addressing TopologyDownloadPDF unavailable
30Week 1: Addressing a local network and DHCPDownloadPDF unavailable
31Week 1: Addressing a local network manuallyDownloadPDF unavailable
32Week 1 : Addressing in Pubilc and Private NetworksDownloadPDF unavailable
33Week 1: Verifying Connectivity using PingDownloadPDF unavailable
34Week 1: Using network address translation to communicate on internetDownloadPDF unavailable
35Week 1: Using Sub nets and Summary of addressingDownloadPDF unavailable
36Week 1: Summary of the weekDownloadPDF unavailable
37Week 1: Analogy for the week 2DownloadPDF unavailable
38Week 2 Lession 1.1 Discussion on dabbawala analogyDownloadPDF unavailable
39Week 2 Lesson 1 2 From dabbawalas to routers and switchesDownloadPDF unavailable
40Week 2 Lesson 2 What is routing ?DownloadPDF unavailable
41Week 2 Lesson 3.1 Static routing in a router in CPTDownloadPDF unavailable
42Week 2 Lesson 3.2 How does a switch forwards packets CPTDownloadPDF unavailable
43Week 2 Lesson 3.3 How to add static route in a router? (CPT)DownloadPDF unavailable
44Week 2 Lesson 4.1 Traveler's dilemmaDownloadPDF unavailable
45Week 2 Lesson 4.2 Duscussing the Traveler's dilemmaDownloadPDF unavailable
46Week 2 Lesson 4.3 From Traveler's dilemma to Dynamic RoutingDownloadPDF unavailable
47Week 2 Lesson 5.1 Dynamic Routing with Distance VectorDownloadPDF unavailable
48Week 2 Lesson 5.2 Distance Vector Routing in DetailDownloadPDF unavailable
49Week 2 Lesson 5.3 Dynamic Routing with Link StateDownloadPDF unavailable
50Week 2 Lesson 6 Setting up dynamic routing in Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
51Week 2 Lesson 7 Summary of the weekDownloadPDF unavailable
52Week 2 Lesson 8.1 Introduction to analogy for week 3DownloadPDF unavailable
53Week 2 Lesson 8.2 Analogy for week 3DownloadPDF unavailable
54Week 2 Lesson 8.3 Questions on analogy for week 3DownloadPDF unavailable
55Week 3 Lesson 1 Understanding the new order requirementsDownloadPDF unavailable
56Week 3 Lesson 2.1 Introduction to Tranport LayerDownloadPDF unavailable
57Week 3 Lesson 2.2 Introduction to TCPDownloadPDF unavailable
58Week 3 Lesson 2.3 Introduction to UDPDownloadPDF unavailable
59Week 3 Lesson 3.1 Exploring UDP on Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
60Week 3 Lesson 3.2 TCP Connection EstablishmentDownloadPDF unavailable
61Week 3 Lesson 3.3 TCP Connection ClosureDownloadPDF unavailable
62Week 3 Lesson 3.4 Summay of TCP and UDP on Cisco Packet TracerDownloadPDF unavailable
63Week 3 Lesson 4 The story of the delivery fiascoDownloadPDF unavailable
64Week 3 Lesson 5.1 From delivery fisaco to Port NumbersDownloadPDF unavailable
65Week 3 Lesson 5.2 Application Layer in depthDownloadPDF unavailable
66Week 3 Lesson 6.1 Port number in WiresharkDownloadPDF unavailable
67Week 3 Lesson 6.3 Summary of port number and PATDownloadPDF unavailable
68Week 3 Lesson 7 Summary of the entire TCP IP stackDownloadPDF unavailable
69Week 3 Lesson 8.1 Introducing the analogy for week 4DownloadPDF unavailable
70Week 3 Lesson 8.2 The secret boxDownloadPDF unavailable
71Week 3 Lesson 8 3 Questions on analogy for week 4DownloadPDF unavailable
72Week 4 Lesson 1.1 Secret of the secret boxDownloadPDF unavailable
73Week 4 Lesson 1.2 From secret box to encryptionDownloadPDF unavailable
74Week 4 Lesson 2.1 Introduction to security and CIADownloadPDF unavailable
75Week 4 Lesson 2.2 Information Security and Defence in DepthDownloadPDF unavailable
76Week 4 Lesson 2.3 Information Classification and Access ControlDownloadPDF unavailable
77Week 4 Lesson 2.4 Process ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
78Week 4 Lesson 2.5 Introduction to Network SecurityDownloadPDF unavailable
79Week 4 Lesson 2.6 Network Breach and CountermeasuresDownloadPDF unavailable
80Week 4 Lesson 2.7 Internet SecurityDownloadPDF unavailable
81Week 4 Lesson 2.8 Securing the Internet UsageDownloadPDF unavailable
82Week 4 Lesson 2.9 Internet Security ProductsDownloadPDF unavailable
83Week 4 Lesson 2.10 Personal Computing Device RecommendationsDownloadPDF unavailable
84Week 4 Lesson 2.11 Responsible Behavior on the InternetDownloadPDF unavailable
85Week 4 Lesson 2.12 Best practices for home Network and Media DevicesDownloadPDF unavailable
86Week 4 Lesson 3.5 Closing thoughts on securityDownloadPDF unavailable
87Week 4 Lesson 4 The story of a family tripDownloadPDF unavailable
88Week 4 Lesson 5 The troubleshooting approachDownloadPDF unavailable
89Week 4 Lesson 6.1 Troubleshooting Physical and Data Link LayersDownloadPDF unavailable
90Week 4 Lesson 6.2 Troubleshooting Network LayerDownloadPDF unavailable
91Week 4 Lesson 6.3 Troubleshooting Transport and Application LayersDownloadPDF unavailable
92Week 4 Lesson 6.4 Troubleshooting SummaryDownloadPDF unavailable
93Week 4 Lesson 6.5 Troubleshooting HeuristicsDownloadPDF unavailable
94Week 4 Lesson 7.1 Troubleshooting Challenge 1DownloadPDF unavailable
95Week 4 Lesson 7.2 Trouble shooting challenge 2DownloadPDF unavailable
96Week 4 Lesson 7.3 Trouble Shooting Challenge 3DownloadPDF unavailable
97Week 4 Lesson 7.4 Thats How we TroubleshootDownloadPDF unavailable
98Week 4 Lesson 8 Week SummaryDownloadPDF unavailable
99Course ClosureDownloadPDF unavailable
100Course CreditsDownloadPDF unavailable