Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Data and InformationLecture Notes-Module 1PDF0.029 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleLecture Notes-Module 2PDF0.028 kb
Information gatheringLecture Notes-Module 3PDF0.032 kb
Feasibility analysisLecture Notes-Module 4PDF0.039 kb
Data Flow DiagramsLecture Notes-Module 5PDF0.047 kb
Process SpecificationLecture Notes-Module 6PDF0.07 kb
Data input methodsLecture Notes-Module 7PDF0.054 kb
Logical Database DesignLecture Notes-Module 8PDF0.078 kb
Object oriented systems modelingLecture Notes-Module 9PDF0.052 kb
Designing outputsLecture Notes-Module 10PDF0.069 kb
Document on WebLecture Notes-Module 11PDF0.019 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsLecture Notes-Module 12PDF0.036 kb
Electronic CommerceLecture Notes-Module 13PDF0.196 kb
Case ToolsLecture Notes-Module 14PDF0.034 kb
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Data and InformationTeacher Slides-Module 1PPT Slides0.13 kb
Data and InformationWorked Examples-Module 1PDF0.01 kb
Data and InformationQuestion Bank-Module 1PDF0.01 kb
Data and InformationCase Studies-Module 1PDF0.032 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleTeacher Slides-Module 2PPT Slides0.146 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleWorked Examples-Module 2PDF0.013 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleQuestion Bank-Module 2PDF0.009 kb
Information gatheringTeacher Slides-Module 3PPT Slides0.116 kb
Information gatheringWorked Examples-Module 3PDF0.013 kb
Information gatheringQuestion Bank-Module 3PDF0.037 kb
Information gatheringCase Studies-Module 3PDF0.027 kb
Feasibility analysisTeacher Slides-Module 4PPT Slides0.113 kb
Feasibility analysisWorked Examples-Module 4PDF0.018 kb
Feasibility analysisQuestion Bank-Module 4PDF0.028 kb
Feasibility analysisCase Studies-Module 4PDF0.08 kb
Data Flow DiagramsTeacher Slides-Module 5PPT Slides0.116 kb
Data Flow DiagramsWorked Examples-Module 5PDF0.017 kb
Data Flow DiagramsQuestion Bank-Module 5PDF0.028 kb
Process SpecificationTeacher Slides-Module 6PPT Slides0.183 kb
Process SpecificationWorked Examples-Module 6PDF0.101 kb
Process SpecificationQuestion Bank-Module 6PDF0.028 kb
Data input methodsTeacher Slides-Module 7PPT Slides0.142 kb
Data input methodsWorked Examples-Module 7PDF0.034 kb
Data input methodsQuestion Bank-Module 7PDF0.017 kb
Logical Database DesignTeacher Slides-Module 8PPT Slides0.218 kb
Logical Database DesignWorked Examples-Module 8PDF0.028 kb
Logical Database DesignQuestion Bank-Module 8PDF0.042 kb
Logical Database DesignCase Studies-Module 8PDF0.046 kb
Object oriented systems modelingTeacher Slides-Module 9PPT Slides0.138 kb
Object oriented systems modelingWorked Examples-Module 9PDF0.027 kb
Object oriented systems modelingQuestion Bank-Module 9PDF0.022 kb
Designing outputsTeacher Slides-Module 10PPT Slides0.125 kb
Designing outputsWorked Examples-Module 10PDF0.01 kb
Designing outputsQuestion Bank-Module 10PDF0.019 kb
Document on WebTeacher Slides-Module 11PPT Slides0.117 kb
Document on WebWorked Examples-Module 11PDF0.021 kb
Document on WebQuestion Bank-Module 11PDF0.035 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsTeacher Slides-Module 12PPT Slides0.107 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsWorked Examples-Module 12PDF0.014 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsQuestion Bank-Module 12PDF0.012 kb
Electronic CommerceTeacher Slides-Module 13PPT Slides0.258 kb
Electronic CommerceWorked Examples-Module 13PDF0.054 kb
Electronic CommerceQuestion Bank-Module 13PDF0.016 kb
Case ToolsTeacher Slides-Module 14PPT Slides0.061 kb
Case ToolsWorked Examples-Module 14PDF0.008 kb
Case ToolsQuestion Bank-Module 14PDF0.09 kb
Case StudyTeacher Slides-Module 15PPT Slides0.041 kb
Case StudyQuestion Bank-Module 15PDF0.052 kb
Case StudyCase Study I -Module 15PDF0.072 kb
Case StudyCase Study II -Module 15PDF0.037 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Data and InformationMultiple Choice Questions-Module 1PDF0.103 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleMultiple Choice Questions-Module 2PDF0.026 kb
Feasibility analysisMultiple Choice Questions-Module 4PDF0.065 kb
Data Flow DiagramsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 5PDF0.061 kb
Process SpecificationMultiple Choice Questions-Module 6PDF0.192 kb
Data input methodsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 7PDF0.077 kb
Logical Database DesignMultiple Choice Questions-Module 8PDF0.046 kb
Object oriented systems modelingMultiple Choice Questions-Module 9PDF0.062 kb
Designing outputsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 10PDF0.044 kb
Document on WebMultiple Choice Questions-Module 11PDF0.062 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 12PDF0.07 kb
Electronic CommerceMultiple Choice Questions-Module 13PDF0.112 kb
Case ToolsMultiple Choice Questions-Module 14PDF0.034 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Data and InformationCase ToolsPDF0.022 kb
Data and InformationLearning Objectives-Module 1PDF0.03 kb
Data and InformationHighlights and Motivation-Module 1PDF0.088 kb
Data and InformationPointers-Module 1PDF0.008 kb
Data and InformationSummary-Module 1PDF0.012 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleLearning Objectives-Module 2PDF0.02 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleHighlights and Motivation-Module 2PDF0.015 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CyclePointers-Module 2PDF0.008 kb
Systems Analysis and Design Life CycleSummary-Module 2PDF0.015 kb
Information gatheringLearning Objectives-Module 3PDF0.02 kb
Information gatheringHighlights and Motivation-Module 3PDF0.015 kb
Information gatheringPointers-Module 3PDF0.008 kb
Information gatheringSummary-Module 3PDF0.008 kb
Feasibility analysisLearning Objectives-Module 4PDF0.021 kb
Feasibility analysisHighlights and Motivation-Module 4PDF0.019 kb
Feasibility analysisPointers-Module 4PDF0.017 kb
Feasibility analysisSummary-Module 4PDF0.039 kb
Data Flow DiagramsLearning Objectives-Module 5PDF0.023 kb
Data Flow DiagramsHighlights and Motivation-Module 5PDF0.011 kb
Data Flow DiagramsPointers-Module 5PDF0.017 kb
Data Flow DiagramsSummary-Module 5PDF0.015 kb
Process SpecificationLearning Objectives-Module 6PDF0.051 kb
Process SpecificationHighlights and Motivation-Module 6PDF0.019 kb
Process SpecificationPointers-Module 6PDF0.012 kb
Process SpecificationSummary-Module 6PDF0.027 kb
Data input methodsLearning Objectives-Module 7PDF0.022 kb
Data input methodsHighlights and Motivation-Module 7PDF0.089 kb
Data input methodsPointers-Module 7PDF0.011 kb
Data input methodsSummary-Module 7PDF0.02 kb
Logical Database DesignLearning Objectives-Module 8PDF0.046 kb
Logical Database DesignHighlights and Motivation-Module 8PDF0.092 kb
Logical Database DesignPointers-Module 8PDF0.014 kb
Logical Database DesignSummary-Module 8PDF0.036 kb
Object oriented systems modelingLearning Objectives-Module 9PDF0.02 kb
Object oriented systems modelingHighlights and Motivation-Module 9PDF0.087 kb
Object oriented systems modelingPointers-Module 9PDF0.015 kb
Object oriented systems modelingSummary-Module 90.015 kb
Designing outputsLearning Objectives-Module 10PDF0.015 kb
Designing outputsHighlights and Motivation-Module 10PDF0.087 kb
Designing outputsPointers-Module 10PDF0.014 kb
Designing outputsSummary-Module 10PDF0.015 kb
Document on WebLearning Objectives-Module 11PDF0.019 kb
Document on WebHighlights and Motivation-Module 11PDF0.018 kb
Document on WebPointers-Module 11PDF0.014 kb
Document on WebSummary-Module 11PDF0.019 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsLearning Objectives-Module 12PDF0.023 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsHighlights and Motivation-Module 12PDF0.029 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsPointers-Module 12PDF0.008 kb
Control ? audit and security of information systemsSummary-Module 12PDF0.012 kb
Electronic CommerceLearning Objectives-Module 13PDF0.036 kb
Electronic CommerceHighlights and Motivation-Module 13PDF0.088 kb
Electronic CommercePointers-Module 13PDF0.008 kb
Electronic CommerceSummary-Module 13PDF0.044 kb
Case ToolsLearning Objectives-Module 14PDF0.013 kb
Case ToolsHighlights and Motivation-Module 14PDF0.019 kb
Case ToolsPointers-Module 14PDF0.023 kb
Case ToolsSummary-Module 14PDF0.014 kb
Case StudyLearning Objectives-Module 15PDF0.018 kb
Case StudyHighlights and Motivation-Module 15PDF0.018 kb