Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Program ExecutionHPC Lecture 1Lecture Notes51 kb
Program ExecutionHPC Lecture 2Lecture Notes45 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 3Lecture Notes49 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 4Lecture Notes31 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 5Lecture Notes35 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 6Lecture Notes41 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 7Lecture Notes35 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 8Lecture Notes37 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 9Lecture Notes36 kb
Computer OrganizationHPC Lecture 10Lecture Notes95 kb
Operating SystemsHPC Lecture 11Lecture Notes46 kb
Operating SystemsHPC Lecture 12Lecture Notes26 kb
Operating SystemsHPC Lecture 13Lecture Notes133 kb
Operating SystemsHPC Lecture 14Lecture Notes29 kb
Operating SystemsHPC Lecture 15Lecture Notes122 kb
Process ManagementHPC Lecture 16Lecture Notes30 kb
Process ManagementHPC Lecture 17Lecture Notes34 kb
Process ManagementHPC Lecture 18Lecture Notes31 kb
Process ManagementHPC Lecture 19Lecture Notes37 kb
Process ManagementHPC Lecture 20Lecture Notes37 kb
Pipelined ProcessorsHPC Lecture 21Lecture Notes73 kb
Pipelined ProcessorsHPC Lecture 22Lecture Notes117 kb
Pipelined ProcessorsHPC Lecture 23Lecture Notes43 kb
Pipelined ProcessorsHPC Lecture 24Lecture Notes60 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 25Lecture Notes36 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 26Lecture Notes60 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 27Lecture Notes135 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 28Lecture Notes221 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 29Lecture Notes31 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 30Lecture Notes38 kb
Cache MemoryHPC Lecture 31Lecture Notes104 kb
Program Timing and ProfilingHPC Lecture 32Lecture Notes114 kb
Program Timing and ProfilingHPC Lecture 33Lecture Notes43 kb
File SystemsHPC Lecture 34Lecture Notes39 kb
File SystemsHPC Lecture 35Lecture Notes29 kb
File SystemsHPC Lecture 36Lecture Notes42 kb
File SystemsHPC Lecture 37Lecture Notes27 kb
Parallel ProgrammingHPC Lecture 38Lecture Notes65 kb
Parallel ProgrammingHPC Lecture 39Lecture Notes46 kb
Parallel ProgrammingHPC Lecture 40Lecture Notes46 kb
Parallel ProgrammingHPC Lecture 41Lecture Notes68 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Program ExecutionModule 1 Self AssessmentModule 1 Self Assessment8 kb
Computer OrganizationModule 2 Self AssessmentModule 2 Self Assessment8 kb
Operating SystemsModule 3 Self AssessmentModule 3 Self Assessment8 kb
Process ManagementModule 4 Self AssessmentModule 4 Self Assessment8 kb
Pipelined ProcessorsModule 5 Self AssessmentModule 5 Self Assessment8 kb
Cache MemoryModule 6 Self AssessmentModule 6 Self Assessment8 kb
Program Timing and ProfilingModule 7 Self AssessmentModule 7 Self Assessment10 kb
File SystemsModule 8 Self AssessmentModule 8 Self Assessment8 kb
Parallel ProgrammingModule 9 Self AssessmentModule 9 Self Assessment8 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Programs and DataPDF unavailable
2Data RepresentationPDF unavailable
3Registers and MemoryPDF unavailable
4Instructions, Addressing ModesPDF unavailable
5A RISC Instruction SetPDF unavailable
6A RISC Instruction Set (contd)PDF unavailable
7Function Call and ReturnPDF unavailable
8Function Call and Return (contd)PDF unavailable
9Instruction ExecutionPDF unavailable
10Instruction Execution (contd)PDF unavailable
11Software organizationPDF unavailable
12System CallsPDF unavailable
13Virtual memoryPDF unavailable
14Virtual memory (contd)PDF unavailable
15Virtual Memory (cont)PDF unavailable
16ProcessPDF unavailable
17Process schedulingPDF unavailable
18Process lifetimePDF unavailable
19Interprocess communicationPDF unavailable
20Concurrent programmingPDF unavailable
21PipeliningPDF unavailable
22Pipeline hazardsPDF unavailable
23Pipeline hazards (contd)PDF unavailable
24Pipeline hazards (contd.)PDF unavailable
25Cache memoryPDF unavailable
26Memory hierarchyPDF unavailable
27Cache operationPDF unavailable
28Cache operation (contd)PDF unavailable
29Cache aware programmingPDF unavailable
30Cache aware programming (contd)PDF unavailable
31More on cachePDF unavailable
32Measuring timePDF unavailable
33Program ProfilingPDF unavailable
34Secondary storagePDF unavailable
35Files and disksPDF unavailable
36DirectoriesPDF unavailable
37Protection and PerformancePDF unavailable
38Parallel architecturePDF unavailable
39Cache coherencePDF unavailable
40MPI programmingPDF unavailable
41MPI programming (contd)PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available