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Week 1Week 1 Assignment 1Week 1 Assignment 1612 kb
Week 2Week 2 Assignment 1Week 2 Assignment 1281 kb
Week 3Week 3 Assignment 1Week 3 Assignment 1243 kb
Week 4Week 4 Assignment 1Week 4 Assignment 1284 kb
Week 5Week 5 Assignment 1Week 5 Assignment 1235 kb
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1Introduction to Human Computer InteractionDownloadPDF unavailable
2What is HCI? Commonalities & Differences in InterfacesDownloadPDF unavailable
3Door handle, Elevators, Contextual Inquiry, Affinity DiagramsDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lab Session Contextual InquiryDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lab Session Affinity DiagramDownloadPDF unavailable
6Tutorial on PhotoshopDownloadPDF unavailable
7Tutorial on UI Designing using PhotoshopDownloadPDF unavailable
8Institutional Review Board, Ethics committee, IRB documents / application, consent formDownloadPDF unavailable
9Tutorial on Proto.ioDownloadPDF unavailable
10Tutorial on LookbackDownloadPDF unavailable
11How to understand user needs? Surveys, QuestionnaireDownloadPDF unavailable
12How to understand user needs? Surveys, Questionnaire - ContinuesDownloadPDF unavailable
13Prototyping: Low fidelity and High fidelityDownloadPDF unavailable
14User-Centered DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lab Session: Task AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
16Design PatternsDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lab Session : Material DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
18Usable securityDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lab Session: Task Analysis - 2DownloadPDF unavailable
20Continuity of Usable SecurityDownloadPDF unavailable
21Visual DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
22Visual Design - 2DownloadPDF unavailable
23Crypto price Tracker AppDownloadPDF unavailable
24InteractoDownloadPDF unavailable
25Tech HinderDownloadPDF unavailable
26busKARODownloadPDF unavailable
27MayMayMeDownloadPDF unavailable
28noWhingeDownloadPDF unavailable